Invite Friends And Increase Cash Back Rates NOW

Invite Friends And Increase Cash Back Rates NOW

Who follows Lemoney through blog and social media already knows how the team makes all efforts to give the best advice for shopping. It’s not only about more cash back, the best coupons or the unbelievable deals. But all of it is just a consequence of Lemoney’s mission to be the shopping platform that gives you the best opportunities you need to go on. By saying that, you’ll always be able to grab all the right opportunities to save more and have more.

Now you can get a brand new opportunity for this. You can also increase your cash back rates by inviting friends and waiting for them to make a qualified purchase. Then you will be able to boost the cash back for five times through the Turbo Cashback, the exclusive Lemoney tool.

Check every single move you need to make it by following the steps:

But Before This…

Remind that every store has its own terms and exclusions for cash back purchases. It is extremely important that you check this before starting to shop your favorite brands.

1. Sign Up To Lemoney

If you are not a Lemoney user, you need to sign up to Lemoney. Once you become a user, you are allowed to buy with cash back in more than 1800 stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Walmart and eBay.

2. Invite Friends

Now you already signed in. So what? Well, this is simple. You just need to send your invitation code to your friends. You can make this on your user dashboard.

3. Wait For The Qualified Purchase

Wait for your friend make a qualified purchase. This is totally necessary to you get 5 turbo credits and use them in Turbo Cashback tool to boost the regular cash back rates.

5. Get 5 Turbo Credits To Increase Cash Back

At this final point, you are Lemoney user, you sent invites and, at least, one friend made a qualified purchase. All you have to do is check your 5 Turbo Credits earned on “My Cashback” session on your user dashboard. After this, you can apply this credits to increase Macy’s cash back, for example.

Extra 50% OFF All Sale Styles50%
Extra 50% OFF All Sale Styles
UP TO 75% OFF Fine Jewelry
UP TO 75% OFF Fine Jewelry
UP TO 50% OFF on Sennheiser Premium Wireless Headphones!50%
UP TO 50% OFF on Sennheiser Premium Wireless Headphones!
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