Lipstick Day: Everything You Should Know About The Power Of Lipstick

Nudes, matte, cream, gloss, pearly. There are many types of lipstick nowadays. But do you know when lipstick first appeared? There was a long story until Kylie Lip Kit gets to your dresser. There was a time when lipsticks were either difficult to get and not allowed to use. More than that, they were considered unfashionable and even made from poisonous material derived from nature. This item came all through these things until have the Lipstick Day at July 29th. Here’s everything you should know about the power of lipstick through time.

Ancient History 

The Power of Lipsticks Through Time - Ancient History

No matter how time passes, makeup will always be reinvented. And the lipstick trend wasn’t different. In ancient civilizations, people wore it not only as a status symbol but also as a medicinal product. The ancient Sumerian civilization was probably the first people to wear lipstick. They used to decorate their lips and eyes with crushed jewels. Other people, such as Cleopatra in the Egyptian civilization, derived color from the carmine dye that came from grounded cochineal insects to get red lips.

In fact, the lipstick used nowadays and other red products still have the carmine dye in their composition. However, Egyptians used harmful and poisonous substances like lead and a mixture of bromine man-nite and iodine. That may result in serious diseases or even death.

In ancient Greece, lipstick was made with fruits, Tyrian purple, and the toxic pigment vermillion. Also, only prostitutes wear it and were obligated by law to wear dark lipsticks for a long time. About 1,000 years ago, the Chinese made the first beeswax lipstick. They used to make it with scented oils used to protect the lip and avoid dryness.

Lipstick and the Church

Lipstick almost got a ban in European dark Middle-Ages. The church condemned the use of makeup and associated red lips with Satan worship. So, for them, women with lipstick were either sorcerers and witches. Thus, only prostitutes wore lipstick in this moment of history. Some women secretly added color to their lip balms or pinched their lips to get the red look. 

Re-trending lipstick

Lipstick Day - Queen Elizabeth 16th Century

The trend came back for a while during Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England many centuries later. People often remember her for the pale skin and red lipstick. But only noble people and actors could wear it.

Only in the late 19th-century lipstick was first marketed. The French perfume company Guerlain made it from deer tallow, beeswax and castor oil in a silk paper wrap.

20th Century 

At the beginning of the century, lipstick was popular around the world. By this time, there was the invention of the cylinder metal containers that we know today. Coincidentally, at this moment there was the first wave of feminism. Thus, lipstick was a symbol of the women movement, who were demanding their right to vote. In the ’30s Max Factor invented the lip gloss, creating a whole new concept of lipstick. 

During the war, the lipstick packaging material changed from metal to plastic and paper because of its scarce. Many icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly unleashed the dark lipstick trend in the 50’s. However, punk and gothic groups popularized the darkest tones, such as black, in the ’70s . 


Lipstick Day - July 29th

From this moment until now, it’s possible to see many lipstick trends. Thus, wearing makeup is a way to experience freedom. Today we can see all kinds of makeup in many people faces. From the no-makeup makeup with only a lip tint on the lips to the black shimmery lipsticks.  

We can see the power of lipstick through time since it survived through the rise and falls of many civilizations. Lipsticks are such iconic makeup item that it even has a day dedicated to it. On July 29th, at the Lipstick Day, we celebrate the importance of lipstick in the society. And, of course, on how it rose and fell out of fashion through the ages relating with the cultural aesthetics . 

So, this is a great moment to get to know about the history. Also, beauty stores get in the celebration vibe and have many sales on the best lipsticks. Keep an eye on our blog to know all the best deals you can get on the National Lipstick Day celebration.

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