Your Favorite Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit With 50% OFF At Ulta Beauty

That’s finally that day! The moment when you can buy the glorious Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit with 50% OFF on Ulta 21 Days Of Beauty sale. This means you can get Kylie Jenner’s favorite beauty items for only $14.50. However, if you are looking for more info about this, you can check the topics below. In this, we will explain to you why this is such a beloved item among every beauty guru, makeup lover, and influent celebrity.

Kylie Cosmetics

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With only four years of existence, Kylie Cosmetics has a bunch of lovers all around the world. And we can tell that by the numbers of items that are sold on every launch ( the first lip kits were sold in over 30 seconds!). Not only that but we can also see this love on Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page, which has over 21 million followers. Now, the company has incredible items that go from concealers to eyeshadows.

Lip Kits

First, you should know what comes in Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit. There is a Liquid Lipstick and a Lip Liner that together on the lips create a comfortable look. So, the lip liner has the precision you need to make every detail look perfect. After that, you get the liquid lipstick to intensify the pigmentation and reveal the majestic color on your lips.

Durability and Quality

When you think of nude makeup, Kylie Cosmetics matte lipsticks instantly pop in your mind. There’s no doubt why this happens: they are the most high-quality iconic shades and great durability. Also, you can choose which texture and finish you prefer. But if I were you I’d get not only the matte lip kit but also velvet and metal.

Vegan Products

As if the incredible shades and ultra-pigmentation were not enough, the brand also does not test on animals. As said at Kylie Cosmetics and Ulta website the products are not tested on animals, and all shades of The Kylie Lip Kit are vegan.

Meaning of the names

Mary Jo, Posie K, Candy K, Koko: there is a story or person behind every single one of the Kylie lip kit names that were named by Kylie herself. Her first Lip Kit, Dolce K is named after her childhood dog. On a video on her website, Kylie said that Candy was her nickname when she was a kid.  Also, as a tribute to her family, she named the red lipstick after her grandmother that absolutely loves the shade on her lips. The nude Koko is for her older sister Khloé Kardashian that is always showing off the most incredible nude shades. Her fans made part of the name choice as well: Posie K was a name created by one of her fans on her Instagram page. 

Kylie Cosmetics evolves family, puppies, dedication and high-quality products. That’s why it is such a successful company. And on September 14 (TODAY!)  you can get incredible lip kit shades such as Candy K, Mary Jo, and the beloved Posie K WITH UP TO 50% OFF.

So, if after all of this, you are still reading this, you should go RIGHT NOW to Ulta Beauty website and make your purchase through Lemoney to get 50% OFF + UP TO 15% cash back.

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