Is Lemoney Legit? (+ Lemoney Reviews)

Is Lemoney Legit? (+ Lemoney Reviews)

Lemoney’s rewards are so great that you might be wondering if the cash back is legit. Besides, with a tool like Turbo Cash Back that increases the regular cash back in stores like Macy’s, it’s something really good to be true. Although the fact you can check much more about related subjects of Lemoney cash back, it’s possible to you get here some users review about Lemoney as well.

Thousands of people shop at Lemoney and redeem their cash back on a daily basis. Lemoney offers the best cash back rates (UP TO 31%) at 1500+ stores, including Macy’s, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Groupon, eBay, and more. In addition, you earn cash back on ALL of your friends’ purchases when you invite them to Lemoney.

Wait, what?!  

That’s right. You earn cash back on all of your friends’ purchases.

This is what our members had to say when asked about their experience of shopping through Lemoney:

Lemoney Review From Users

So far I didn’t have any issues, I already got paid so I know this site works!

-Steven G.

I was not sure about the authenticity of Lemoney before and I was using Ebates for a very long time. From now on I will use Lemoney for my online shopping.

-Ramakrishnan R.

Easy to shop. Tracking process is good. Cash back % is great.

-Vivek J.

I was looking for the highest cashback in my favorite Gearbest store. I recommend shopping through your portal to everyone. Very efficient and fast support. Very fast withdrawal of funds. I will come back to you every time I make purchases.

-Krzysztof W.

Great customer service, clear breakdown of cashback earnings.

-Jen M.

(…) I honestly forgot I used Lemoney to shop, until I saw the reminder sent from Lemoney, then I went to check the balance and request the money. It’s very quick, not like my previous bad experience with some websites that never really gave back my money. Very good!


Still not convinced? Check out what this site has to say about Lemoney beyond an user review.

If you’re new to the site and are not sure how it works, read our frequently asked questions below. We also have a post on our blog that explains how you can get cash back on your friends’ purchases. Our customers are our priority, so we are transparent about everything we do.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do all purchases qualify for cashback rewards?

Every item you purchase through Lemoney qualifies for cash back unless stated in the exclusions. To verify if your purchase qualifies for cash back, find the store you’re looking for and read the terms and conditions under the ‘Cashback Terms’ tab.  In addition, we are not able to give cashback for taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or a store credit. 

When I use my Coupons do I also earn cash back?

You can combine cash back with coupon codes from our affiliate stores as soon as customers find them on Lemoney’s website.

Do I need to pay to join Lemoney?

Lemoney is 100% free for users.

When will my cash back be available?

As soon as our affiliate stores validate it, it will be available to redeem. It usually takes at least 120 days. Some stores cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your cash back.

How can Lemoney pay me rewards for shopping?

Lemoney receives payments from companies and affiliate stores that sell, advertise, promote or otherwise offer their products and services at our website. Lemoney, then, retains a fraction of the payment but gives the majority back to the user who made the purchase (who gets the largest part) and to their community.

How do I get paid?

It’s really easy! You may withdraw your balance through PayPal.

We deposit your payment in your PayPal account (in some cases a small PayPal fee may apply). Just enter your email address associated with your PayPal account.

What is Lemoney’s privacy policy?

Lemoney takes privacy and security very seriously. We know that protecting member’s privacy is essential to our success. Please review our complete Privacy Policy.

How secure is my credit card info?

Lemoney does not capture or receive your credit card information.

Are my transactions secure when going through Lemoney?

Lemoney redirects you to our affiliate stores’ website so they will know you are a user and can pay your cash back properly. After being redirected, your purchases and financial transactions happen as if you had accessed the stores directly.

Still have questions? Read the frequently asked questions on Lemoney’s site.  

Looking for the best cash back rates at your favorites stores? Look no further! Check out Lemoney’s site to earn the highest cash back at your favorite stores!

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