International Women's Day: Things Created By Women You Probably Didn't Know

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and here at Lemoney we can proudly say that a large part of our team is made up of women. But unfortunately, we women have suffered for years and years with various forms of prejudice. Therefore, to help you celebrate that special day, we’ve made an incredible selection of things created by women that you probably didn’t know!

1. Beer

Studies indicate that before the Germans popularized the drink that is so successful today, women in Mesopotamia were responsible for fermenting barley and developing beer.

2. Computers

In 1944, Grace Hopper and Howard Aiken created at Harvard a computer that was the size of an entire room, the Mark I. It also invented a programming system that translates written language into computer codes. And you know what? When you say that there was a bug with some electronic equipment, this is also because of it. It’s just that one day she had to deal with real problems with insects inside the computer she was building, and the expression stayed!

3. Monopoly

The name was “The Landlord’s Game”, and the aim was to explain an economic theory to its students. It was created by Elizabeth Magie in the early 20th century, but 30 years later Parker Brothers redesigned the game, launching it as Monopoly.

4. Transparent Glass

In 1935, General Electric had its first female scientist, and she showed that she deserved the position. Katharine Blodgett created a dull and distortion-free glass, transparent as we know it today. Revolutionary!

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