How to Plan a Gap Year Trip

After being in school for so long, you finally have the liberty to do something different, visit another country, and enjoy a unique lifetime experience. Planning a gap year may seem a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be.

You just want to make all the necessary preparations to be flexible enough to get out from any possible bad spot, such as if your belongings get stolen or if you need to change your flight on the go. Here are some ideas to make the most of this incredible trip.

Save your money

Regardless of whether your budget is limited or not, it’s always better to learn how to save your money when you’re away from home. Making the wrong choices may force you to live under severe financial constraints, and make the whole experience much less enjoyable.

Make all the necessary financial preparations before you travel, such as stacking all the medications you may need since they may cost a lot in a foreign country, or being sure you got all the necessary clothes. Check the monetary conversion in the country you’re going to visit, and never exchange your money at conversion centers at airports since they will charge you a ton. Be sure to pay all country entrance and exit fees, too, since they’re not included in the price of your flight ticket.

Keep your electronic devices safe

Your smartphone, laptop and camera are your most trusted travel companions, navigators and communicators. In the modern digital era, we simply cannot afford to travel without them anymore. Losing them can be bad, however, both because of the monetary value of that item and because of the sensitive and private info stored within it.

The best advice, is to always keep an eye on them. Do not bring your precious digital devices in your back pocket, and never let them sit unguarded in restaurants or cafes. Don’t make yourself an obvious target when walking by in a downtown alley! Also, keep your data encrypted and download tracking software such as Prey to find them whenever they got stolen. Protect your private info such as credit card numbers and passwords by using a VPN (virtual private network) when browsing in a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Overpacking is useless

Although it is important to have everything you need with you, the ideal luggage should only consist of two pieces: a medium-size backpack you can check, and one small carry-on. You don’t want anything cumbersome since you have no one helping you carry your bags around. Also, if your belongings get lost or stolen, at least you didn’t incur into any serious financial damage.

Find a job abroad

Money is ever enough, and finding a job abroad may help you earn that small amount of money you need to enjoy your trip even more. You can keep traveling when it’s over, gain some valuable work experiences, or explore some destinations you could not afford. The best part of it, however, is that by working abroad you’re going to learn a lot more about life than you can ever imagine.

There are a lot of employment opportunities you can fit in your travel plan, from working as an au pair to babysitting children or working in the hospitality industry. Who knows? You may even end up relocating in a new country if you like this experience.


Properly planning your gap year trip can make the difference between a wonderful experience and a nightmarish one. Take your time to make all the right choices before you embark on your flight towards the unknown!

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