Get Paid When You and Your Friends Shop Online How it works? Behind the Scenes of Cash Back

Get Paid When You and Your Friends Shop Online  How it works? Behind the Scenes of Cash Back

We can hear you say “Why would this website give me money? How do they make money? I’m am confused!” Well, here is how it works. Almost every website you visit has an advertisement banner, and those websites get paid if you click on the ad and make a purchase. What we do at Lemoney is simply to share the commission we receive from the advertising brand with you! Therefore, you can earn a percentage of your shopping as a reward; we call this Cash Back. You are still shopping at the actual retailer, like or, and you will receive your products/services from them, but you will get your cash back from us. Just remember to log in at first, so that our retailer partners know you are a Lemoney community member, then pick your retailer and shop on the retailer’s official website, the rest is on us!

Our team searches around the web daily for the brands that you love, so you can earn cash back for the shopping that you do anyway!  Lemoney provides Cash Back, Coupons, and Deals. Not only you earn cash back as actual money but also, you will be saving even more by enjoying our coupons, discounts and special deals. is a free platform that you can build your community and earn even more rewards when your friends make online purchases. Lemoney pays you commissions after your referred friends shop and save! Our definition of a community is the people that joined Lemoney through your exclusive invitation link and the people your friends invite after joining. Thus, your community consists of your friends and your friends’ friends. Lemoney is the only cash back platform that allows you to build a community and earn unlimited commissions!

   In addition, you can increase your earnings with our C-Bonus, which is a commission multiplier. You can earn C-Bonus by inviting friends and making purchases. We know it sounds a bit complicated, but here is how it goes; if you have 3 C-Bonus and you have earned $2 in commissions, your total commissions will be $6 (3 X $2 =$6). Each month you start with 1 C-Bonus and can earn up to unlimited number of C-Bonus, but you can use 5 C-Bonus each month, and the remaining C-Bonus will be transferred to the next calendar month. So don’t miss out on the cash you could be making on the things you would buy anyway… Join Lemoney today!


Step – by – Step how to join Lemoney:

All you need to do is join, or login, shop and invite!

  1. Go to to join or login – Everything starts with a simple sign up and confirmation of your email or Facebook account.

2) Then log into Lemoney before you start your shopping, select your desired online store and shop as always on the brand’s website, the store will take care of your purchase and Lemoney will handle your rewards.

3) You will see your cash back on your Lemoney profile at the “My Cash Back” TAB after the retailer confirms your purchase. When we say cash back we mean real money in hard cash! We provide two redemption options either via mailed check or a credit to your PayPal account. Checks have minimum $50 withdrawal amount, and Paypal has a minimum of $25 credit for redemption.  

4) Invite your friends via Facebook, Google+ or email to increase your C-Bonus. When your friends join, they start to earn cash back as they shop, and you start to earn commissions from their purchases – IT IS A WIN – WIN FOR EVERYONE! Everyone who joined Lemoney with your exclusive invitation link will be added to your community, as they shop, they earn cash back and you will be earning commissions! When your friends invite their friends, you will also be getting a commission from your friends’ friends purchases. Lemoney is the best social rewards program on the web!

5) Redeem your cash!

Why shop the old way, if you can shop the Lemoney way!
Join today and start earning money on the things you would buy anyway!

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Extra 50% OFF All Sale Styles
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UP TO 75% OFF Fine Jewelry
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UP TO 50% OFF on Sennheiser Premium Wireless Headphones!
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