Earth Day

Earth Day

You’ve probably heard something like “Earth Day, Every Day”, right? And for sure, it is. But on April 22nd, it’s celebrated the support for environment protection. And it’s a great opportunity for all of us to start taking action.

Why is this important?

First: Look around the place you’re right now. Wherever you are, believe me: chances are that it was an amazing forest. And the chances of you’re not seeing a natural plant close to you right now are even bigger.

Second: Close your eyes and try to remember all the things you ate in the past weeks. Which percentage of it was natural or Non-GMO? Ok, I know: chocolate comes from cocoa; cocoa is a bean; beans can count as natural stuff… Now seriously: can you see that? Your body was built to consume natural products – and more than a half of our meals are boxed and industrialized.

Third and last (but not least): Start paying attention – at least for one day – at the clothes you’re wearing, the quantity of paper you are using, the volume of waste you’re generating. Is all of this really necessary? Where do all of these products come from? How were they manufactured?

It’s Earth Day! Taking care of your home is also taking care of yourself, of people you love and the ones that are yet to be born. Make Earth Day, every day.

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