Discover Your Skin Type And How To Treat It Perfectly With Skincare

It probably has taken you a long time to get what is the best skincare routine for you. Many products have been used without giving you any results. However, when you use a cream or any other product that’s not suitable for your skin type you may get breakouts, dryness, flakiness or burning. Thus, you spend time and money looking for the best skincare products. So, instead of using a lot of products, try to use the perfect products for your skin type to get great results. Discover your skin type here and how to treat it perfectly with products that best suit it. 

Discover your skin type

There are 4 types of skin: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. The best way to understand your skin type is by noticing all visible signs. Also, keep in mind that your skin type can change a few times as the years pass by because of hormonal shifts, stress or health issues. So, if that one product used to work for you a couple of years ago, doesn’t mean it will make your skin look perfect forever. 

1- Normal 

Normal skin type means the skin isn’t oily, dry or sensitive. It looks and feels normal: there are no breakouts or irritations and the pores are invisible. If this is your skin type, keep doing what you are doing. For even better results, try to use formulas rich in antioxidants. They will always look for free radicals that cause damage to your skin to destroy. When it comes to daily care, you may go for a great cleanser, the antioxidant serum, and sunscreen. 

2- Dry

Since the sebaceous glands aren’t producing enough oil, the skin doesn’t get naturally moisturized. As a result, skin gets dull, flaky and often red. It also feels tight after washing. In this case, you will need to moisturize your skin. The best products would be moisturizing cleansers, glycolic acid exfoliants, hyaluronic acid serums and a rich moisturizer to lock everything up with a protective barrier. Also, wear sunscreen every day so all your work taking care of the skin won’t be worthy

3- Oily

While dry skin has tired sebaceous glands, oily skin, on the other hand, has super productive glands. They just keep producing oil at any time, which makes the skin shiny, with breakouts and bigger pores. The best skincare routine is one that keeps oil production under control without leaving the skin dry. So, go for a low PH foaming cleanser, salicylic acid exfoliants that will exfoliate the surface while unclogging the pores, to reduce shine and breakouts. Don’t forget to use an oil-free moisturizer and a lightweight sunscreen to protect the skin.  

4- Combination

Discover Your Skin Type - Combination

Combination skin has both skin types in one: some glands produce more oil than others. As a result, you get a shiny T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), but dry cheeks. You also never know when that pimple is coming out, but you know it will sooner or later. For that, you got to have a skincare routine for both skin types and find a balance between them. Use a gentle cleanser: on the drier areas such as the cheeks go for a ph-balanced foaming cleanser and on the T-zone use cream or oil-based ones. Try to do the same thing with the other products, always using the tips from #2 for the cheeks and from #3 for the forehead, nose, and chin. 

5- Sensitive

Discover Your Skin Type - Sensitive

The skin protective barrier needs to be rebuilt for those with this. Sensitive skin is always prone to irritations, is often red, burns and itches. Also, dryness is a thing for people with this type of skin. Taking care of sensitive skin is a challenge since you will deal with inflammation and irritation. For that, you should use products that are gentle to your skin. To rebuild the protective barrier use products with skin-identical ingredients and those with ceramides, fatty acids, amino acids, and lecithin. Also, go for chamomile, oats and allantoin products for smoother skin.

If you don’t have a skincare routine yet or are trying to discover your skin type, we hope it helped clarify things for you. Every type of skin deserves treatment and there are products for every single particularity at the stores.

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