Cashback and Coupons : Save Even More Money!

Cashback and Coupons : Save Even More Money!

Getting a coupon is great.

Earning cashback is even better.

Why not do both?

Most people know the basics to save some money on their shopping trip.  They browse the clearance section and use a coupon once in a while.

That’s awesome, but you could be saving even more.  Markdowns are great, but nothing compares to getting a rebate on top of a discount.

By combining coupons with cashback, you get the best savings possible.

It’s a match made in heaven.

To earn cash back you must use a cashback site.  Lemoney offers cashback at 1700+ stores.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse – Browse the store you are looking for.  Some stores offer cashback or coupons, or a combination of both.
  2. Select – Once you’ve selected the store, check if the store offers any coupons.  Some coupons have a promo code that must be entered when you check out.

Tips for saving even more money:

  • To get an even better cashback rate, shop at stores that offer Turbo Cashback.  Lemoney is the only store that offers turbo cashback, a higher cashback rate that can be used once a month.

Next time you are making a purchase online, don’t forget to shop with coupons and cashback through

Don’t forget: you may shop with cashback on certain sale and clearance items.  

Sign up on Lemoney to get the best deals with cashback.

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