What To Buy And What Not To Buy On Black Friday

What To Buy And What Not To Buy On Black Friday

Save the date because November, 29 is coming and you’re about to save BIG on Black Friday purchases.

The biggest sales event of the world promises to be even greater than last year and the largest stores like Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Home Depot and eBay will prepare unbelievable Black Friday offers. However, it’s always good to be aware about what exactly is worthy to buy on Black Friday and what is not.

There are some offers that may be look a good deal at first glance, but in the end, you find out you didn’t make good at all. Maybe because of the shipping tax or maybe because it’s an offer that is always available and you don’t have any idea. It doesn’t matter. It’s always uncomfortable to get into a situation like that. Therefore, you can find nice tips to stay away from this situations on Black Friday.

What To Buy On Black Friday

The industry follows a pattern of product availability and how it’ll be offered on Black Friday. That’s why somethings are possible to predict properly in a year while other things fit similarly like the previous year. That’s why on Black Friday 2019 you should give your attention to these products:


Not that every toy will be on crazy Black Friday sales, but basically the toys of the year intend to be totally worthy on Black Friday. A good insight about why this happens is because it’s a close date to Christmas, so people naturally look more for toys and other related gifts.


Believe it or not, but Blu-rays and DVD’s have a serious price decrease on Black Friday. Not only that, but on Cyber Monday is possible to find the last movie or concert launched in Blu-ray version.

Smart TV’s

They’re like the Mr. Obvious of Black Friday. The reason for the big lines, the desire of many people and the item that you can get like 80% OFF Black Friday discounts. However, it’s good to remember that Smart TV’s on Black Friday get out of stock quickly. So it’s better to always go for it at first instance before any other item you are willing to buy.

Smarts in general

Not only Smart TV’s, but other smart products are often offered with huge discounts on Black Friday. Google and Amazon devices are the top winners on that. You can commonly find an Echo dot, Fire TV or Google Chromebox with a serious price decrease by this time of the year.


Shoe dogs always love this season. Footwear discounts are a real thing on Black Friday. This means that, alongside with sports apparel in general, athletic footwear and other types of shoes have awesome prices.

Video games

Who are going to win the battle of the year in 2019? PlayStation 4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch? What game will get out of stock or break the download number record? Black Friday is a paradise for geeks and game lovers all over America due to the several decrease of the prices and unbelievable offers available.

What Not To Buy On Black Friday

As well said before, it’s not everything that you can buy on Black Friday. There are some categories that are better to buy on other seasons than on Black Friday. So it’s good to stay alert when you see some offer related to these categories below:


Not that travel companies and airlines ignore Black Friday. Even because, instead of making big deals on that date, they rather to be huge on Cyber Monday. So the tip here is, wait for Cyber Monday and be ready to find huge discounts on that date.


Yes. You can find special Black Friday offers on clothes and accessories. However, they’re not better than out of season sales. If you really want to save BIG by buying clothes, don’t wait for Black Friday. Instead, mind on fall season sales to buy beach wear and wait for summer to buy jackets and winter clothes. The discounts are higher on those situations.


It’s not recommended to buy jewels on Black Friday. You can find great jewelry sales in other occasions like Valentine’s Day and some big stores sales like Macy’s, for example.

Save BIG On Black Friday Purchases

Save Big On Black Friday Purchases

There’s a way to get the best of Black Friday deals that will make you the savviest shopper ever. All you need to know to save BIG on Black Friday is available on this e-book.

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