Black Friday Biggest Numbers: Check Them And Get Prepared!

By this point you’ve already realized how Black Friday is to every American that loves to shop. It can be assumed as nothing less than the biggest sales event of the year. Besides that, one of the most interesting things to be aware of, after each Black Friday ends, is the numbers made by every sale, every product sold and every other selling or buying action. Because of that, check these amazing Black Friday numbers, in which reaffirm the huge proportions of this event.

How much money did the stores make?

Black Friday is certainly the stores’ owners dream to happen all the year. Not to mention that, besides the year of 2008, due to the financial crisis, the amount of money got is growing year by year.

To you have an ideia, in 2018, around the total of $717.5 billion dollars were spent on Black Friday. This number indicates an increase of around 4.3% comparing to 2017’s.

How big is the financial and economic impact?

Consider the 2018’s total money spent in Black Friday as a country’s GDP and you find the 30th richest country in the whole WORLD. This is so huge that this number is ahead of countries such as Colombia, Belgium and Switzerland. In fact, that’s a comparison that shows how impressive Black Friday’s proportions is.

How many hours people stand on lines?

For something that has these numbers, as it was already shown, certainly there are a lot of people anxiously waiting. That’s why some of them wait standing on their chosen store’s line during hours, days, and even weeks. Not to mention that, although it’s hard to believe, there are people who are hired to stand on lines during Black Friday for someone. As a professional line sitter, these people are getting UP TO $35 an hour.

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