Black Friday 2019 Predictions: Everything You Need To Know For It

Black Friday 2019 Predictions: Everything You Need To Know For It

The more it gets closer, the more are the expectations to achieve all of the goals for Black Friday. There will be a thousand of offers available online and in-store to you get the product you wish so badly. However, it’s always good to analyze Black Friday deals before chasing them like crazy. Therefore, here you can take everything you need to know about Black Friday 2019 predictions.

First Things First

Black Friday will begin November 29 with all of the famous American stores providing outstanding deals. It won’t be a surprise to find more than 65% OFF in smartphones and TV’s at Amazon, Walmart and eBay, for example. Not to mention that other large retailers like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Kohl’s and Saks are heading this way as well.


By this time, you may find Black Friday 2019 ads around the web. Yet, they might be not 100% accurate because the stores usually start to release them a week before. Even if you get some leaked Black Friday 2019 ad, don’t be totally sure that it’s for real.

Black Friday 2019 Deals Predictions

As the Black Friday ads didn’t show up by now, the same thing is with Black Friday deals, of course. But according to specialists, it’s possible to start to follow up some Black Friday 2019 predictions considering what some stores are doing. You can check them right down below.


Amazon Black Friday 2019 is expected to be incredible. Add that with the hype that the company has with Cyber Monday and you’re going to see BIG deals coming. Definitely they’ll be even better than what they’ve done through the year.

  • Echo Dot
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Switch


One of the largest retailers of the United States always rock the world at this time of the year. Walmart Black Friday 2019 intends to be huge, both online and in-store. Along the year, Walmart has been doing nice offers for tech products like smart TV’s, smartphones and other gadgets. The predictions turn around this category.

  • PS4
  • Samsung Chromebook
  • Roku Ultra
  • Apple Watch


Alongside Amazon and Walmart, eBay should be totally considerate in making an online purchase on Black Friday. Even because, it’s one of the largest online retailers of America and always has a lot of predictions.

  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Samsung Premium UHD TV
  • Google Home Chalk


Fashion lovers and beauty enthusiastic have all eyes at Macy’s. All of that because the store is a huge reference in beauty items and accessories, clothes and other fashion items as well. Macy’s Black Friday predictions always creates a buzz to the consumers and in 2019 this isn’t going to be different.

  • Estée Lauder Gift
  • Lip Gloss Favs Set
  • Lancôme Travel Set
  • Riri By Rihanna
  • Calvin Klein Body Suit
  • The North Face Collection

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