Beauty YouTubers Everyone Should Watch

Today, YouTube’s marketing potential is plainly extraordinary. Modern audiences look to influencers before making any decision in their beauty purchases and draw a lot of information on the products they want from their videos. The best discount codes and other offers are often promoted by YouTubers as well, so following their channels is useful and interesting at the same time.

These beauty influencers are among the most popular across the globe and are followed by a lot of enthusiasts every day. Since they’re so famous, they have scored some major brand partnerships that allow them to show these products before anyone else. Now let’s not waste any more time, come follow us through this list of the beauty YouTubers everyone should watch!



With over 11 million subscribers, Zoella one of the most famous beauty vloggers on the planet. Her channel is peppered with a lot of light-toned and quirky video-tutorials on fashion, hairstyling, and makeup, which are extremely useful and easy to follow. She also has her own beauty line, so you can also purchase some of her products which all seem to be high-quality enough to be worth the purchase.

Some of her past videos also touched completely different topics in a funny and entertaining way, such as the popular Ultimate Pizza Taste Test With Mark – which may not be about beauty, but is absolutely worth watching.



Tati Westbrook is a classy, yet down to earth YouTuber that is always extremely honest in all her reviews. She is more than able to move with great ease from the most glamorous makeup style to the simpler, everyday tones for those who prefer a more natural look.

Her tutorials are always manageable, so you can pull off all the looks she does even if you’re not a pro. On top of all that, she’s also very careful about using only products whose ingredients are good and nourishing for your skin.

One of her best videos is the Sooo … UNDERRATED!!! WORTH the SPLURGE! where she gives a good look at some of the least-known underdogs of the world of beauty products.



Kandee Johnson is an amazingly creative YouTuber that will teach you some of the most innovative tips about makeup you have ever heard. Her content is focused on being happy and humorous and has been featured by a host of popular media outlets such as Glamour, People, Allure, and HuffPost. She’s able to transform herself in many surprising ways, and you’re going to learn a lot from her ideas every time.

If you’re a nerdy type, you must be sure not to miss her PRINCESS PEACH TRANSFORMATION video, where she completes a transformation in one of the most popular characters of the Nintendo Mario’s franchise.



If you have a darker skin tone, be sure not to miss Patricia Bright, as she’s one of the most knowledgeable and sweetest YouTubers you can watch. As a bonus, her family is also adorable – especially her cute baby!

Her latest vlog, SPEND A REAL DAY WITH ME, SHOPPING & HOW I EDIT MY INSTAGRAM PICTURES is definitely worth watching if you want to learn some simple tricks about getting the best out of your IG account.


YouTube is a fantastic way to spend your spare time, even more so if you can learn something by watching some videos. These great beauty YouTubers can teach you a lot of interesting things about the beauty community, and provide you with all the info you need to purchase the beauty products you absolutely want.

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