Beauty Essentials You Never Leave Home Without

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, makeup doesn’t last throughout the day. Windy weather, some physical exercise, and many other variables can cause your makeup to lose its initial shine. You don’t want anyone such as your boss, ex-boyfriend or crush to catch you looking less than perfect.

Every woman has different priorities but when it comes to beauty essentials you should never leave the house without. However, there are some non-negotiables that you should always keep to hand to be ready for the unexpected. Here’s a quick list.

Hand Sanitizers & Wet Wipes

Nothing is more important than cleanliness, everywhere, and at any time. You may never know how dirty a surface may be until you touch it, and then… it’s too late. Instead of leeching from others, do yourself a favor and carry your own handy disinfectant wherever you go. Wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and tissues are undoubtedly the number one essential in every sanitary woman’s arsenal.

Lipstick & Lip balm

This is the most basic advice, like ever. Lipstick. Whenever you got no time to hype your look on the fly, such as when you didn’t expect your new boss to look so gorgeous, a swipe of lipstick can do wonders to make you look flirty and sexy. This simple cosmetic can bright your face, especially if you’re wearing minimal makeup. Lipstick, anyways, rubs off throughout the day, so if you want to avoid that washed-out look, just keep it in your purse so you can apply it again at any moment.

Bonus: if you want to keep your lips hydrated during cold or hot days, bring some lip balm containing SPF to prevent them from drying and protect them from dangerous UV rays.

Pocket Comb

A windy day can tangle your hair in no time, and a sunny one can make your bangs get greasy and unkempt. A pocket comb is a fantastic addition to your portable beauty case, and can refresh your look in just a few swipes. A quick flick of a comb is a pleasant experience that can also help you feel rejuvenated during a hard day of work, or change your look on the fly to create a bump-free ponytail.

Rollerball Perfume

Looking good throughout the day is pointless if you don’t smell good as well. As your perfume slowly evaporates, you want something that covers your body odors or just make you feel refreshed with a minty or fruity scent. Since you can’t carry a huge glass bottle of perfume around, a handy rollerball perfume is a perfect solution. It takes almost no space in your handbag, it’s perfect on the go and super easy to use.


If your face becomes shiny during the day, or if you want to remove the occasional dark spot at the right time, face powder is extremely handy to banish every imperfection. Compact powder is much easier to use than loose powder, especially if it feels lightweight enough to make you feel as if you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Just make sure not to apply multiple layers of powder since they can clog your pores and trigger unwanted breakouts. It’s always better to remove excess oil with some blotting paper before touching up with powder!



These must-have products are vital if you don’t want to be caught empty-handed. When you’re in a rush, it may be hard to quickly find all the products you need, however, so always keep your beauty essentials in your purse!

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