Awesome Things For Kids To Do In The Backyard

School’s out for summer and kids are ready to have some fun in the sun. All everybody wants is to enjoy the season while it lasts. If your family is staying in town, check out our selection of awesome things for kids to do in the backyard. A real good time is guaranteed!

Bounce Pro 14-Foot Trampoline


It’s summer, you’re happy, so you might as well jump! Go up and down on this amazing trampoline from Bounce Pro. But there’s more: this version features an Electron Shooter game that will challenge everyone. Just place the targets around the ring, try to shoot them as you tumble around and voilà!

Rapid-Filling Self-Sealing Water Balloons


These self-sealing water balloons from BunchO Balloons fill up in just one minute. And if this pack gives you three different colors… You know what to do – team up with your family and friends and start some epic water balloon fights!

Bubble Wands


Who doesn’t like bubbles? With these colorful wands, you will make bubbles so fabulous you’ll never want them to pop. Make them giant! Make a tunnel! This is not only a fun thing for kids to do in the backyard – it’s endless fun for the whole family.

Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Water Slide


Kids love a challenge. This inflatable slide from Little Tikes is basically an oasis of fun. It’s a bounce house and a water slide and a climbing wall and it makes a tiny waterfall from the top. Honestly, what else could a kid want?

Tumblin’ Tower Climber


Your little ones do not have to feel left out just because they are small. This Tumblin’ Tower Climber from Little Tikes has so many features they’ll have fun for hours! They can climb up, slide down, shoot a water cannon and play with colorful plastic balls. It’s basically a tiny playground in the backyard!

Race Hop Ball Set


This racing ball set from America Ninja Warrior is perfect for family gatherings! It gives kids something to do in the backyard while the adults are setting up. And they can also put up the included “start” and “finish” for some friendly competition.

Inflatable Crayon Bounce House Castle


This amazing Costway bouncy castle has crayon-shaped colorful towers that will make your kids feel like tiny toys. It will absolutely be a hit!

Floating Pool Basketball Game + Volleyball Game with Balls

A 2-in-1 heaven for the sporty kids out there, this set comes with a volleyball net and a basketball hoop. And it is portable! So, if you don’t have a pool, you can always take it somewhere else and bring the fun with you. Let the water games begin!

Anchors Away Pirate Ship Outdoor Play Water Table

Say ahoy to your kids’ mateys and invite them over for a pirate ship adventure! This water table from Little Tikes is sure to keep them entertained for hours. It has multiple features, like play figures, cups and an anchor you can actually pull down. It’s a pirate’s life for everyone!

UNO Splash Card Game

This beloved card game has had a waterproof makeover. With UNO Splash, you don’t have to worry about ruining your cards when you lay that +4 on the table. And it also has a super useful clip that will hold the cards together. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing them in the backyard!

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