AVAST Antivirus Pro Plus! Protect Your Computers With UP TO 40% OFF

AVAST Antivirus Pro Plus! Protect Your Computers With UP TO 40% OFF

This quarantine has shown us how devastating a single type of virus can be. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 isn’t our only concern when it comes to viruses. With most of the population working from home it is also essential to protect your files and data from online threats. For this reason, it is vital that all of us need a way to deal with those threats. With this in mind, AVAST Antivirus is offering 40% OFF on one of their best products, the Pro Plus. Besides, you can get it for less than the Standard version. So you’ll be saving money while upgrading your online defenses.

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Ultimate Protection

Get the Pro Plus cybersecurity for your home office and start working without having to worry about online safety. Besides, AVAST also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t feel satisfied with the AVAST Antivirus Pro Plus you’re able to get your money back. But it will only be possible to do so within the first 30 days of use. And if that isn’t good enough for you take a look at all the things Pro Plus can do.

AVAST Antivirus Pro Puls Perks

The most complete AVAST Antivirus protection system includes 5 exclusive features along side the other 12 from the Standard version. Below are the specifications for these 5 features:

  • Data Shredder – Permanently deletes files you don’t want recovered.
  • Browser Cleanup – Erases junk files slowing down your browser.
  • Webcam Shield – Alerts you before your webcam is turned on.
  • Passwords – Protects your passwords and streamlines your online accounts.
  • SecureLine VPN – Makes open, vulnerable networks safe, anywhere in the world.

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