Amanda Bynes Is Expecting - Watch Her Most Iconic Roles Today

The Hollywood actress and former teenager star Amanda Bynes is expecting. She and her partner posted a photo of an ultrasound on their Instagram accounts. Unfortunately, due to her attorney indication, the posts have been removed from social media. With this in mind, the goal is to protect the couple’s personal life and space. So, in order to celebrate the baby in the making, we selected Bynes top roles for you to stream.

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An impeccable movie when it comes to digital and art effects. However, Robots was meant to be so much more than it reached. But that wasn’t the case. Besides, not even Bynes’ charismatic performance could save it.

Love Wrecked

Who wouldn’t want to be trapped on an island with their favorite rock superstar? Well, Bynes’ character got to play Cast Away with her dream celebrity. However she also hid their true location to spend more time with the guy. But even though it is not a comedy masterpiece this movie will make you laugh more than a few times.

Sydney White

After being kicked out of her dream sorority, Sydney White has to live with seven outcast guys. There she learns how they can help each other. Besides, Sydney has to launch a candidate to run against the college mean girl for the student body presidency.

Big Fat Liar

A movie we didn’t know we needed! Jason has an idea that gets stolen and it’s up to him and his best friend Kaylee to reveal the truth. So, in order to get justice they wage a prank war on one of Hollywood’s greatest producers. Besides, this comedy is filled with memorable moments and it is as entertaining today as it was back in 2002.

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What a Girl Wants

After finding out who her dad is, Daphne travels to London to meet her old man. But it doesn’t go the way she planned it. And that’s because her dad is a member of the British upper class. Although Daphne is well received by her father, the other members of his family get apprehensive.

Easy A

What happens when you join Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes? Easy, you get a smashing hit! To begin with, Bynes performance as Marianne is priceless. Besides, the christian girl can’t handle that she is slowly losing her influence on the school.


Hairspray is a powerful yet funny movie about racism and inclusion. And even though Bynes doesn’t play the main role, she delivers a great performance in this musical version of Baltimore. So if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t wait any longer.

She’s The Man

A true teen masterpiece. It not only is one of Bynes best performances but it also helped to launch Channing Tatum’s career. This is an absolute must watch. Therefore, we hope you enjoyed the list. And don’t forget to see them while Amanda Bynes is expecting.

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