7 Funny Things At Bed, Bath & Beyond You Never Thought You Need

7 Funny Things At Bed, Bath & Beyond You Never Thought You Need

You already know that Bed Bath & Beyond has amazing useful things for each necessity in your life. But you didn’t know about these surprising funny things that will make you want to buy them now! Check this funny list and choose which one fits your humor needs.

Wow Works Cheeseburger Bean Bag Chair

Bed Bath Beyond Cheeseburger Chair Funny Things

People are going to feel hungry when see this! Add this incredible chair with a fun and realistic burger image to your room. It’s soft, lightweight and ready to make everyone’s hunger increase! If you’re a burger lover, what’s better than having a huge one right in a room, right? Purchase it now this unique product.

TriceraTaco Taco Holder in Green

Bed Bath Beyond Taco Holder Funny Things

So useful! Stop making a mess while eating tacos right now. This Taco Holder while featuring a shape of a dinosaur holds up to 2 tacos. It can be used right on top of your plate and lets you fill,serve, and eat tacos. A funny way of solving a problem and, if you kids, make them eat better while playing with what seems to be a toy. 

Onion Goggles

Slice onions like a pro! Never more tearing while using these Onion Goggles. It has a comfortable foam seal and anti-fog lenses that offer maximum clarity and eye protection. The unisex design fits mostly of face shapes, being able to be a great purchase for everyone. Purchase it and have a differentiated product!

Talisman Designs Porcupine Ceramic Toothpick Holder in White

Receive your friends in your house and serve them food with classy! This Ceramic Toothpick Holder fits perfectly in any social gathering. It has a porcupine shape and holes to hold the toothpicks. You and others can create UP TO 21 food designs around its body. So many possibilities to have some fun while having your friends, family or someone special. Hurry up and get one!

“The Grass Is Greener Under My Wiener” Door Mat

That’s a unique product to make a humorous way to greet visitors to your home. Besides that, it’s a perfect gift for dog lovers. It also fits well both indoor and outdoor use. Don’t lose this opportunity to receive people in your home already making them laugh. Purchase it now!

Life Vest Bottle Cover

An alternative gift bag! It fits perfectly around a wine bottle, in order to be highly recommended for a memorable gift. A great option to give to a person going sailing, boat owner or just being funny by the water. It’ thin so it fits in the wine gift bag while on the bottle. Be the one who will give a out-of-the-box gift! Get it now!

Sharper Image Laser Tag Shooting Game

Bed Bath Beyond Laser Tag Funny Things

This Laser Tag Shooting Game offers fun for every age. It has blinking lights, sound effects, and immersive vibration. It has safety guarantees, which is one of the main concerns that parents usually have. Promotes fun, competitive play between two persons that suits indoor and outdoor use.

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