6 Accessories to Wear to Impress During Job Interviews

6 Accessories to Wear to Impress During Job Interviews

Looking for a job can be an exhausting process that may consume all your energies. Even when your resume has been selected among a lot of other candidates, you still have to face a stressful job interview before being hired. Besides, there is the fact on what clothes and accessories to wear properly for a job interview.

Choosing the right clothes is then the first thing you want to do if you want to tell everyone around you that you matter. Your clothing and your accessories are part of your appearance and will greatly contribute to giving a good first impression with your interviewer. After all, a job interview only lasts for a few minutes, so you have to stop at the “first impression” phase no matter what.


As much as it may sound like an urban myth, it seems that a staggering amount of people think that wearing a pair of glasses will make them look smarter and increase their chances during a job interview. Although some surveys proved this idea to be less awkward than it may sound, wearing the right pair of lenses will still go a long way to improving your style and… coolness factor.


As any woman can tell you, a purse must pair with shoes. When choosing its color and style, always coordinate them with your shoes and try to avoid large or garish bags. A small purse is always better than a showy one, but don’t forget to look for one that is easy to open whenever you need to quickly find something inside it (which is the original purpose of the purse, after all).


Women really love shoes, don’t they? It looks like that shoes are a great source of first impressions and can tell a lot about who you are and what you do. A pair of high heel boots can be great if you want to seduce someone but can be quite inappropriate during a formal meeting with your company CEOs.


Jewels can make you feel like a queen and can give you a huge self-confidence boost when needed. However, larger jewels or noisy ones may look gaudy and inappropriate during business meetings. Use small and simple earrings, try to avoid necklaces that dangle between cleavage and do not wear an ankle bracelet unless you are going at the beach.


A tasteful scarf can be one of the most amazing accessories to wear. The infinity knot is usually better than a simple knot, but once again, try to choose one that looks fancy without being vulgar. Even males can wear scarves – people routinely used them in the past a lot, and they never stopped being manly. Just find one that scales well with the rest of your clothes and whose color matches well with everything else you’re wearing.


Add a belt. Once again, don’t use something that is excessively glamorous, however. If you’re a woman, a wide belt over a flowy dress can help highlight your waistline. A black one over a white dress, instead, can slim your waist and make your body look more curvaceous. A brightly colored one can add a small pop of color to a white dress, or, even better, match your shoes. Men should always prefer skinny leather belts rather than cowboy-style ones with huge buckles or faux crocodile or snakeskin belts.

Finding the right job is a time-consuming experience on its own, but managing to be selected for it can be even more challenging. Knowing how to wear the right clothes and accessories to portray your character in the right way and maximize strengths is critical, but it’s also easier than you can imagine.

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