5 Underrated TV Shows You Must Watch Right NOW!

5 Underrated TV Shows You Must Watch Right NOW!

Hidden gems and overlooked treasures… Some series just don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Get to know 5 underrated TV shows you must watch right now!


A stay-at-home mom in her forties wants to get her career back after getting divorced. But no one gives her a chance because of her age. That’s the premise of Younger, a TV Land show starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff. And although it’s going into its seventh season, this show still has kind of a small following.


Superstore is a satire about working at a chain department store. It’s full of funny and diverse characters, and it also manages heavier topics in a light (and hilarious) way. It’s currently in its fifth season, which premiered just last September on NBC.


After Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino came up with Bunheads. The show tells the story of Michelle Simms, a former ballet dancer turned Vegas showgirl who gets married to a fan and moves to a small town in California. Once she gets there, her life turns around again and she has to find a way to adapt to this new reality. The show got cancelled after only 13 episodes, but, in true Sherman-Palladino fashion, it’s full of charm and quirky characters.

Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected is an emotionally-charged show that ran for two seasons on The CW. It tells the story of a 15-year-old girl, Lux, who has been in and out of foster homes her entire life. She sets out to get emancipated, but ends up meeting her birth parents instead.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca Bloom is an unhappy lawyer living in New York. Until she runs into her summer-camp boyfriend, Josh, who she still kind of likes. He tells her he is moving to California. Then, she decides that’s where she needs to be and insists those events are absolutely not related. But this show is about so much more than that. It’s a musical comedy about life, love, friendship, coping with mental illnesses and finding your place in the world. It ran for four seasons and came to a close last April.

Where to watch these underrated TV shows and more

Fortunately, streaming platforms can hold hundreds and hundreds of shows. So you can find all of these online.

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