5 Different Places Your Mom Would Love To Go On A Holiday

5 Different Places Your Mom Would Love To Go On A Holiday

Mother’s Day is coming on the second Sunday of May and 2 weeks later we have Memorial Day holiday on May 27th right on Monday. There is a good opportunity to make a quick, but approached travel to different places and activities according to your standards. Therefore, more than that, you could introduce different places your mom would love to spend great times with you and your family.

In case you need to book a reservation, Choice Hotels has nice deals to booking comfortable suites across the country for Mother’s Day. You can book early and save 20% on a reservation until 5/11. Lemoney selected 5 special places to you spend good times with your mom on a holiday. Each one of them was picked for different types of travel. So, check these destinations before making a decision, but don’t forget to book early enough to close a good deal.

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Til The Sun Goes Down: New York

The concrete jungle is a good choice for mothers that are full of energy to join in all day activities. As the city never sleeps, you’ll have a lot of things to do with her. Since boroughs like Manhattan and Brooklyn have an uncountable number of places to visit, eat, chill, do shopping and party, New York is the best place when you look to live incredible moments til the sun goes down.

Great Shopping And Fun: Minnesota

If you are an urban city and shopping addicted, you should take her to Bloomington, Minnesota. You know why? Because the city is just some minutes away from Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and, Mall of America, the biggest mall of country, is situated there. It has 5 million square-foot since its opening in 1992 and has more than 520 stores and 50 restaurants. Bloomington is a cozy suburb full of beautiful lakes you only find in Minnesota and the proximity to the twin cities facilitates everything when you go head to the hot spots of that area.

Hiking: Utah

Have an adventurous mom? Utah is the right place to go. The state has plenty of natural parks, just like Arches, where is possible to do hiking, rock climbing and horseback riding, for example. You can find other places to camping and explore as well.

Music Everywhere: New Orleans

An environment full of harmony, music and joy is a perfect match for those moms who are always in a good vibe looking to have fun and enjoy the happy things os life. This is totally New Orleans. A place with kind and lovely people, remarkable cuisine and jazz, lots of jazz. Jazz everywhere you go. You will be fulfilled with a lot of energy that only New Orleans musicians has.

Chilling Is The Mantra: San Francisco

A place you can chill in any situation. Chilling while partying, while eating, while hiking, cycling and etc. Sanfran is a lovely city you totally enjoy every single time you spend there. It has iconic tourist spots like Twin Peaks, Golden Gate and Pier 49. Not to mention the quality of the services you can find in the hotels, restaurants and leisure.

Your Mom Would Love To Go Through Choice Hotels

There are different types of moms, but everybody knows that every mom loves to save money. So choosing your destination with Choice Hotels offers allows you to find the best reservations for your budget. Choice Hotels is a Lemoney featured store and you can make purchases through Lemoney platform with cashback rates up to 40%. So, choose one of these places and book a room while it’s time the nice place your mom would love to go.

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