5 Awesome And Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas

5 Awesome And Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas

When it comes to makeup, Halloween is the best time to really go all out. Even though Halloween makeup may look very hard to do, you can always follow a video tutorial to get the creepiest look. That said, we’ve picked 5 scary and awesome Halloween makeup ideas just for you!

Twisted Clown

I mean… Who isn’t afraid of clowns? With this crazy makeup, you will cause some serious screaming for sure. The author even lists all of the items she used to create this creepy look in the description.

Vampire Skull

This vampire skull makeup seems so real you have to look twice. From the cracks to the canines, this will also make you stand out from the crowd.

The Exorcist

Why not recreate a look from a classic horror movie like The Exorcist? This tutorial is gross and gory and absolutely incredible. Special FX makeup is hard, but if you follow all these steps, you can also look like a demon.

Pulled Up Skin

Or if you want to look like a different kind of demon, you can try this pulled up skin look. This tutorial would almost be too uncomfortable to watch if it weren’t so amazing.


If you’re not into clowns, but still want a creepy smile, this is the look for you. And it’s drawn on your face, so there is no need for additional grinning when you take a selfie. Or you could do it and look even more terrifying with four rows of teeth.

How to do the creepiest Halloween makeup?

You can check your favorite makeup stores, like Sephora or Ulta, for brushes, powders and such. And if you’re going all out with special FX and wigs, you can always find what you need at Amazon.

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