4th Of July Fun Facts!

You already know that the 4th of July is the United States Independence day, right? But what about the 4th Of July fun facts?

Approved on 4th July of 1776, the freedom of the 13 colonies created one of the most relevant countries in the world!  

But okay, we know that you already learned this at your history classes, right? In this article, we will tell you fun facts about the 4th of July! Curious? Check it out! 

50 years later… 

Feuding fathers Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on Independence Day in 1826, only 4 hours apart. 

4th of July: Feuding fathers.
“Declaration of Independence” – detail of the painting by John Trumbell. Undated color slide.


The American declaration of independence served as an example for others countries. Russia, France, Poland, and many Latin American countries used American Independence as an example to conquer their liberty.

Speaking of liberty…

In America, 31 places have the word liberty in their names. The most famous ones are New Liberty, Libertyville, West Liberty, and North Liberty.

4th of July And Barbecue

There is nothing more American than celebrates the 4th of July with friends and family at a barbecue. To give you some idea, the 4th of July increases meat consumption by millions of pounds! Besides, the most consumed kind of meat is chicken. Who doesn’t love chicken wings? But of course that hot-dogs and sausages come right after.


And, of course, that has to be fireworks. Friends and family get together to watch beautiful fireworks shows! Americans spend millions of dollars on fireworks, and a significant part of them comes from China. Not to mention that the number of accidents with pyrotechnics tends to increase at this time of the year. Who guesses why?

What about you? Know any other fun facts about the 4th of July? Share with us in the comments!

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