4th July With Friends: The Best Places To Celebrate Independence Day With Your Squad

It’s always time to feel happiness as your state of your mind. But since happiness is only free when shared, it’s better to team up with your beloved ones in a road trip full of stories to build and bonds to strength up. Independence Day is coming and you have a great opportunity to celebrate this 4th July with friends on the road. However, sometimes is hard to set up a place depending on how you’re thinking to bring the squad together. Well, you ain’t got worries if you see the best places to celebrate 4th July with friends now. There are different places for each purpose you and your friends have in mind. Check it out right here below.

San Francisco (Chill And Party)

Of course that Sanfran is a pick if we’re going to tell about somewhere incredible to celebrate 4th July with friends. The best city in America for living without a car is a center of full happiness for the ones who intend to party all holiday. However, at the same time, you’re able to spend the Independence Day in some spots where you can just chill and enjoy the holiday peacefully.

San Diego (Patriotic Vibe)

A city full of patriotism on the daily basis is where you should go for your patriotic vibe. Come on! We’re talking about San Diego, a city full of major military basis dotting the area. The weather is very good on this time of year: not so hot, not so cold. Not to mention the quiet and calm beaches so you can enjoy with peace.

Charleston (Southern Hospitality)

The southern classic and warmed hospitality is well known across America. So how about to feel all of this proximity with fellow citizens with full desire to celebrate? It is the perfect pitch if you want to spend the holiday in a non large city, but full of activities to make. Definitely Charleston is a good place you should go celebrate 4th July with your friends.

New York (All Holiday Long)

The concrete jungle full of lights that never sleeps is for that kind of squad that never gives up. New York has an enormous parties list that you can go celebrate 4th July with friends. You will find different celebrations through all of bureaus. Even because the city’s diversity provides all difference that matters in question of making a complete American celebration.

Monterey (Seaside Vibes)

You don’t need to be a surfer or a swimmer to love the beach. You just need to feel the seaside vibes and that’s it. This means that if you’re looking for a place aside the ocean, the beautiful Monterey in California is the right one to go to celebrate 4th July with friends.

Bend, OR (Mountain Vibes)

Trekkers have their spot on this list too. There is a city in Oregon that is surrounded by incredible mountains to hike and a view that makes your breath stops briefly while you are going to feel so amazed by the landscape.

Chicago (Foodie Or Shopper Vibes)

You know that Chicago is known by being a place you never get bored, at all! Chi city has to be atop considered place in case you’re willing to spend 4th July with friends. It has fireworks, parades, delicious and incomparable food. Not to mention that if you are shopping addict, you’ll definitely love to shop there. It has everything you look for.

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