10 Disney Movies That Marked Your Childhood

Disney movies have been a big part of kids’ lives for a long time. They have made kids laugh, cry, taught them big lessons about life, love, family and friendship and affected their personalities as they started growing up. Restore every bit of childlike wonder in you with this magical selection of movies that marked your childhood that you can watch again with a little help from the Disney Movie Club:


Singing creatures and a fairy godmother help a girl go to a ball come true with a little bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Cinderella has touched the lives of millions of kids through the years by saying that if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. She also may or may not wear a glass slipper and ride a pumpkin carriage. You’ll have to re-watch and see.

Alice in Wonderland


This movie made every kid with a wild imagination feel right at home. Most people still wish they could spend a day with Alice in this wonderfully weird land of very merry unbirthdays, late rabbits and flower-painting playing cards.

Peter Pan

Three English children fly from home with the help of a boy who never wants to grow up and travel the Pixie Dust Airline to a faraway land of pirates and mermaids where time stands still. This movie tugs at the heartstrings of the inner child in every adult.

The Little Mermaid

Down where it’s wetter is not always better for this princess. All Ariel wants is to be where the people are and to see them dancing. She is also very curious about what a fire is and why it – what’s the word? – burns. This is a story of love and determination that probably made you comb your hair with a fork once or twice.

Beauty And The Beast

This one goes out to the ones who longed for adventures in the great wide somewhere. A story about a bookworm who, in an act of courage, leaves her quiet village to save her father and ends up in an enchanted world of living objects with a surly beast. You probably wished your dinner would present itself with a huge musical number. And also that library.


Aladdin showed children everywhere that being true to yourself and what you believe in is more important than power, status, and people’s expectations. It made every kid want to go on a magic carpet ride all across a whole new world. And maybe have a wish-granting genie with a flair for the theatrics as their best friend.

The Lion King

A crowd favorite since its debut, you can once again join Simba on a journey around the circle of life with plenty of quirky friends and live a problem-free philosophy for a while.

Toy Story

Yes, your toys come alive the minute you close the door. They might even go on life-changing adventures without you and come back just as you are about to step inside. This is the movie that made you realize even toys can have an identity crisis. But do not worry – they will always have a friend in each other.


A movie that sparked an interest in mythology for a lot of kids. Hercules starts out as a clumsy boy with unbelievable strength who just wants to belong somewhere. He finds out he is the son of Zeus and works hard to go from zero to hero and earn a place in the Olympus under the sharp eye of a Satyr. He also gets fantastic themed merchandise that you probably wanted as a child.


This fierce character pretends to be a man to protect her aging father, becomes a warrior and ends up saving China. Mulan was a game changer for little girls everywhere who weren’t into traditionally girly things. It also brought the world some catchy songs and one of the best Disney sidekicks of all time.

Disney Movies On Disney Movie Club

10 Disney Movies That Marked Your Childhood At Disney Movie Club

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