National Crayon Day

It’s amazing to see how children get involved with art. Exploring painting, creating new images and mixing materials really catch the little ones attention.

But maybe you didn’t have the real notion of the benefits these “art attacks” mean to young children. So, let’s take the National Crayon Day as an opportunity to learn more about it. Check this out!

1. Growing Creative
Introducing new materials, colors and tools to children help them think about new possibilities. This way you encourage the development of creativity and let them expand their knowledge.

2. Growing Smart
Lots of cognitive skills are developed while kids are making their own art. By using different materials together – as glue, paints, markers, etc. – they’re planning, taking actions and getting results. While problem-solving, they’re also learning by mistake – and understanding cause and effect.

3. Growing Strong
Children develop fine motor coordination by training frequently. While painting with crayons, markers, and pencils, they are developing skills they’ll need to write in a close future.

See? It`s time to encourage your children to explore the artistic world! Check Crayola‘s items with great discount + cash back!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Lemoney!

You may know the history of St. Patrick – which tells he is not really Irish and ‘Patrick’ is not his real name.
However, to celebrate March 17, we decided to tell you 17 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day!
1.    St. Patrick Blues
St. Patrick wore blue instead of green! There are some theories of how the blue turned into green over the years. First of them is the Irish folklore tale of immortals and fairies wearing green and how green was thought to attract a good growing season for crops. Another theory is with the rise of nationalism; in which green was the unifying color. So, decide which color to wear this year on March 17 with special Bloomingdale’s deals.
2.    The leprechauns are Irish Fairies!
Leprechauns are known for making shoes, but if you can catch a Leprechaun he will grant you 3 wishes, just like a genius would do! Also, there are no female Leprechauns – though, Disney has lots of female fairies. You can catch Disney’s fairies and more (plus cash back!) by visiting our Disney Store at
3.    Clover vs. Shamrock
There is so much confusion involving these two flowers, so, first let’s distinct them. Although they are very similar, Shamrocks have only 3 leaves, and lucky Clovers have 4! St. Patrick used Shamrocks to explain The Holy Trinity. With 3, 4 or more leaves, flowers are always beautiful. Take this “lucky moment” to buy some flowers with big discounts and cash back!
4.    Shamrock is Not the National Symbol of Ireland
While we are on it, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with Shamrocks, which are not the national Irish symbol. In fact, the harp is! To celebrate the Irish party in the traditional way, you can find instruments and other music gear plus cash back at
5.    Dyeing the Chicago River Green was an Accident
In the 1960s the city administration used a green dye to find out which buildings were sending waste into the river. Anywhere the river turned green, someone was dumping waste illegally. The general chairman of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade saw the dye and reportedly shouted, “Eureka!” He ordered the entire river colored green for the next parade, a feat accomplished by dumping 100 pounds of the dye into it. The color lasted an entire week. The tradition of dyeing the river green started! You can now watch the river turn green by renting a car from Avis at and go on a road trip to Chicago and still get some cash back to pay for beers.
6.    Bonus Fact about the Chicago River
The dye that is used to make the river green is actually orange powder with a secret formula. However, when the dye blends in with the Chicago River it turns the water into a perfect tone of St. Patrick’s Day green.  If Chicago is not a road trip away, you can book a flight with at and get even more cash back to celebrate!
7.    St. Patrick was Never Officially Canonized by Any Pope
The formal canonization process started around the 12th Century. Therefore, there wasn’t any formal process before St. Patrick died. Saint titles were bestowed to individuals that were exceptionally holy during their lifetimes. If you are interested in historical facts like this one, you should buy historical books from Barnes & Noble store at
8.    It was Really Hard to Get a St. Patrick Drink in Ireland
Until 1961, the Irish laws outlawed bars to be open on March 17, because it was in Lent season and not drinking was a mark of respect for this religious period. If you want to learn more about the prohibition of alcohol, you can get cash back and check the rare books of
9.    Nobody Knows Where St. Patrick is Buried
Many people believe the saint is buried in Down Cathedral County, in Down, Ireland – although no one is really sure. Travel with Expedia at and find out where he is buried! Aside from the cash back you can become famous by solving this mystery!
10.    Drowning the Shamrock
It starts with floating a shamrock in your whiskey or beer before you drink it. Some say it is a tradition for the last drink of the evening. It is believed to bring good luck!  Experience this in Ireland with Air France deals at
11.    St. Patrick’s Snakes
One of the myths surrounding St. Patrick is that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland. By the way, there is no registry of the island dominated by snakes! Some sources say that snakes are a metaphor. Visit Ireland and get to the bottom of this story! You can earn cash back when you book your trip at at
12.    First St. Patrick’s Parade
The first parade didn’t take place in Ireland; it took place in New York in 1762. So go celebrate St. Patrick’s in any parade you want by renting a car from Budget Rent A Car at  and use the cash back for gas!
13.    JFK Forgot about St. Patrick’s Day
During his first 100 days, understandably very busy, President John F. Kennedy forgot about St. Patrick’s Day, and he was reminded with Ireland’s ambassador visiting him with a bowl of shamrock. Stay up to date by subscribing to newspapers via Discounted Newspapers at and use your cash back to buy a bowl of shamrock every year.
14.    Shortest Parade was 77 Feet long
The parade took place in Dripsey, Ireland, between two pubs, and it was considered one of the best parades ever! Create your own bar-hopping parade buy booking your reservations with at and don’t forget to use some of your cash back to tip the waiter.
15.    Patty vs. Paddy
Patty is short for Patricia; Paddy is the correct short name for Patrick. Calling someone the wrong name could be embarrassing, but if you celebrate St. Patrick’s in Vegas and book your trip through Best of Vegas you can not only get cash back but also say “sorry…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”
16.    The Taoiseach’s bowl of Shamrock to the President is destroyed!
For security reasons, it is not allowed to give any floral or food gifts to the US President. Therefore, after the St. Patrick’s Day ceremony, all the shamrocks are destroyed by the US Secret Service. So, instead of destroying all your shamrocks you can order Irish spy movies through at and use your cash back to buy popcorn.
17.    There Are More Irish People in America than in Ireland
39.6 million Americans claim Irish heritage, which is 7 times larger than the actual Ireland Population. But 87% of Ireland’s population is Irish for sure! This, St. Patrick’s Day you can also feel a little Irish and go visit your imaginary Irish relatives in Ireland, all really cheap with at  And guess what? You will get cash back with Lemoney to spend in Ireland!
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day shopping!
– John Lemon