Get Paid When You and Your Friends Shop Online How it works? Behind the Scenes of Cash Back

We can hear you say “Why would this website give me money? How do they make money? I’m am confused!” Well, here is how it works. Almost every website you visit has an advertisement banner, and those websites get paid if you click on the ad and make a purchase. What we do at Lemoney is simply to share the commission we receive from the advertising brand with you! Therefore, you can earn a percentage of your shopping as a reward; we call this Cash Back. You are still shopping at the actual retailer, like or, and you will receive your products/services from them, but you will get your cash back from us. Just remember to log in at first, so that our retailer partners know you are a Lemoney community member, then pick your retailer and shop on the retailer’s official website, the rest is on us!

Our team searches around the web daily for the brands that you love, so you can earn cash back for the shopping that you do anyway!  Lemoney provides Cash Back, Coupons, and Deals. Not only you earn cash back as actual money but also, you will be saving even more by enjoying our coupons, discounts and special deals. is a free platform that you can build your community and earn even more rewards when your friends make online purchases. Lemoney pays you commissions after your referred friends shop and save! Our definition of a community is the people that joined Lemoney through your exclusive invitation link and the people your friends invite after joining. Thus, your community consists of your friends and your friends’ friends. Lemoney is the only cash back platform that allows you to build a community and earn unlimited commissions!

   In addition, you can increase your earnings with our C-Bonus, which is a commission multiplier. You can earn C-Bonus by inviting friends and making purchases. We know it sounds a bit complicated, but here is how it goes; if you have 3 C-Bonus and you have earned $2 in commissions, your total commissions will be $6 (3 X $2 =$6). Each month you start with 1 C-Bonus and can earn up to unlimited number of C-Bonus, but you can use 5 C-Bonus each month, and the remaining C-Bonus will be transferred to the next calendar month. So don’t miss out on the cash you could be making on the things you would buy anyway… Join Lemoney today!


Step – by – Step how to join Lemoney:

All you need to do is join, or login, shop and invite!

  1. Go to to join or login – Everything starts with a simple sign up and confirmation of your email or Facebook account.

2) Then log into Lemoney before you start your shopping, select your desired online store and shop as always on the brand’s website, the store will take care of your purchase and Lemoney will handle your rewards.

3) You will see your cash back on your Lemoney profile at the “My Cash Back” TAB after the retailer confirms your purchase. When we say cash back we mean real money in hard cash! We provide two redemption options either via mailed check or a credit to your PayPal account. Checks have minimum $50 withdrawal amount, and Paypal has a minimum of $25 credit for redemption.  

4) Invite your friends via Facebook, Google+ or email to increase your C-Bonus. When your friends join, they start to earn cash back as they shop, and you start to earn commissions from their purchases – IT IS A WIN – WIN FOR EVERYONE! Everyone who joined Lemoney with your exclusive invitation link will be added to your community, as they shop, they earn cash back and you will be earning commissions! When your friends invite their friends, you will also be getting a commission from your friends’ friends purchases. Lemoney is the best social rewards program on the web!

5) Redeem your cash!

Why shop the old way, if you can shop the Lemoney way!
Join today and start earning money on the things you would buy anyway!

A Convenient Way of Unlimited Shopping

By signing up for Lemoney, you are eligible to receive real cashback rewards just for purchasing the items that you would have needed to buy anyway. As if these cash rewards weren’t enough of a reason to sign up, you will also receive hundreds of coupon codes that you will be able to use while shopping! Retailers across the web provide us with these codes so we can pass the savings on to you. Enjoy a new way to shop online and explore all of the possibilities associated with joining a cashback website.

Coupon Codes From a Variety of Retailers

As a member of the Lemoney community, you are eligible to receive discounts on your purchases in addition to your cashback rewards. We have a variety of major retailers who have made their products and services available to the customers in our online shopping community. Cashback rewards and bonuses are only just the beginning of what you can save by joining the community. If you are passionate about saving money, there’s no doubt that you have been known to use coupons on your purchases when shopping in-store. Just as you love coupons that you can use while shopping in the real world, you can reap the benefits of coupons by shopping online as well! Our long list of online retailers provides coupon codes that our community members can use while shopping on their respective websites. This means that you will not only be saving money by earning cashback rewards, but you will also be able to shop for all of the products that you need at a discounted rate. As a member of the Lemoney community, the opportunities for savings are endless!

Saving Money by Shopping Online

By becoming a member of the Lemoney community, you have the ability to shop at thousands of online stores, earning cashback on all of the purchases that you make through a wide variety of retailers. Many of these online stores will also offer discounts on their products and services, specifically for members of Lemoney. There is no need to compromise on quality when shopping online. All of the name brands that you know and trust are here. Absolutely everything that you need from men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories and shoes; home furnishings; electronics; and much more—all are at your fingertips with Lemoney. When you shop with us, you save money on the products and services that you would normally purchase in-store at full price.

Thousands of Online Stores

We have an impressive list of retailers available to our customers already, and this list keeps growing as more and more online stores join our team. For everyday purchases, we have stores such as Walmart, Sears, Bass Pro Shops, Kmart, Avon, and Walgreens, where you can buy most anything that you and your family need. For other purchases, we have retailers including Barnes & Noble, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, Microsoft, AT&T, PetSmart, Guess, Best Buy, Old Navy, and so much more. With our long list of retailers, you will certainly save money shopping with Lemoney!

Tangible Savings: Everything You Wanted to Know about Cashback

What if you could buy all the items you want and need—clothing, beauty products, home fashions—and actually earn money doing it? Sounds crazy, right? Maybe even too good to be true? No company would actually give you money just to shop with them, right?


Believe it or not, there are companies—most typically online shopping communities—that offer cashback on the purchases you make. You can buy the same items you would have to buy anyway while earning a little extra spending cash on the side. How can you go wrong with an arrangement like that?

Why Is Someone Giving Me Money to Shop?
Companies offering cashback are rewarding you for shopping and for your loyalty—think of it as a coupon without the paper, or a rewards program without having to carry a loyalty card around in your wallet. It’s a way of saying thank you for shopping with them, and encouraging you to come back for more. They are also rewarding you for encouraging your friends to shop with them as well. The more you shop with them, the easier it is for them to offer things like cashback. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Who Is Offering Cashback on Purchases?
Though some brands might offer rebates directly, your best bet is to join an online shopping community that gives you access to a whole host of brands, online stores, and shopping websites. Sites like Lemoney bring the best of the best to you—cashback offers on the best assortment of products and brands.

How Does It Work?
When you shop, you earn cashback. You might be offered other special promotions, deals, and discounts as well.  This works in two ways. The first is how much you purchase yourself; the second is how many others make purchases based on your recommendation. For example, when you refer friends to Lemoney and they join your online community, you not only receive cashback and discounts, but you also receive an actual commission from purchases made by members of your network. That’s right—you get cash on your friends’ purchases! They do the buying, and you do the earning. The more friends you bring to the Lemoney community (and once they hear about the way they can save and earn, it won’t be tough to convince them to join), the more earning potential you will have.

Sites like Lemoney are a fun way to save, earn and socialize, all while buying items you would have needed to purchase anyway. You can use up gas driving to the mall only to fight for a parking spot, wear out your legs wandering around and trying to chase down a salesperson for help, and still come home empty handed if they don’t even have what you are looking for—or you can join a site like Lemoney and earn cashback on your purchases from the comfort of your own home. Which one sounds like a better experience? We’ll let you decide.

Online Shopping — Huge Surge in Demand for Discount Coupons

Coupons are a regular part of the shopping experience, especially when it comes to grocery stores, drug stores and other places selling everyday items. Walking down the aisles and seeing pull sheets of coupons on the shelves has come to be an expected experience. If a company wants you to shop their itens, why wouldn’t they make it worth your while?

Sometimes online shopping doesn’t quite have the same offers that you would see in a brick and mortar store. This can be frustrating, especially since more and more shopping is done online all the time. Add in the fact that you are also usually paying shipping and handling fees, and it hardly seems worth it to shop online instead of in person. Fortunately, more and more companies are responding to the demand for online shopping coupons. Over the past couple of years, there has been a noticeable surge in the demand for discount coupons, and some retailers are starting to respond.

The Best Way to Get Online Deals
You can rely on individual stores and brands to offer online coupons and discounts, but this isn’t always effective. You have to wait around for them to offer deals and sales, and you are never guaranteed a discount of any kind. On top of that, certain brands might not feel like online discount coupons are necessary in order for their business to be successful. That’s why your best bet is to seek out online shopping communities that specialize in online coupons, discounts, and cash back on purchases.

What To Expect From an Online Discount Shopping Community
Online shopping communities like Lemoney are great because the whole focus of their business is online discount shopping, so there is always a discount to be had. You never log on hoping to find a discount, only to leave disappointed because it isn’t the right season, or the deals weren’t on the specific items you need. Companies like Lemoney exist specifically to fill a need identified by so many shoppers: the need for more discount coupons for online shopping. If what you’re looking for is a deal or discount, sites like this are the best way to find it.

Is It Too Good to Be True?
Constant discounts and deals, cash back on your purchases, rewards for getting friends to sign up—it might sound too good to be true, and while it most certainly is good, it’s also perfectly true. Companies like Lemoney benefit from your purchases and from you encouraging your friends to shop with them as well. They are able to offer you these deals, discounts, and cash back because it keeps their business going. Much like any other store that offers loyalty programs or discounts, online shopping communities like Lemoney are able to provide their customers with savings to say thank you for shopping with them.

There is a surge in demand for discount coupons for online shopping, and fortunately, online shopping communities like Lemoney are here to meet that demand. For information on how it works, please visit the Lemoney website.

A Guide on Community Commission


As more people turn to the internet to do their shopping for household items, clothing, groceries and entertainment, cashback programs are becoming increasingly popular. In a nutshell, cashback sites allow you to earn money back – cold, hard cash – while you shop for items from the stores that these sites partner with. There is really no limit to how much money you can make, and cashback rates vary from site to site. Retailers will also offer special cashback rebates to online shoppers so that people can double, triple, or even quadruple their earnings. Cashback is typically deposited in an online account, such as PayPal, although many Cashback sites will also send their clients checks upon request.

Cashback programs operate similarly to how a rewards program works: . If you purchase high-ticket items such as airplane or travel tickets or entertainment devices, you can earn high percentages of cashback on these purchases.

Community Cashback

There are multiple cashback sites in operation right now, and more cropping up by the day. It’s important that consumers choose cashback sites that will benefit them the most in the long run. For example, if you’re signed up with a cashback site that only partners with online retail stores you barely shop at, the chances are high that you’re not going to make a lot of cashback. Conversely, if you choose to sign-up with a cashback site that features many of your favorite stores, stores that you already frequently buy from, then you’re going to have a higher rate of cashback.

Some cashback sites offer what’s called “community commission.” Community commission allows consumers to earn cashback not only on their own purchases but on the purchases of people in their community, too. When one person signs up for a cashback site, they’re given the option of inviting other people to join their community. The more people who sign up and shop, the more cash rewards that individual receives; he or she earns a commission on every purchase made by a member of that online shopping community.

Send Those Invites!

When consumers start an online shopping community, they can invite as many people as they want to join their site, often through platforms such as Facebook or Google Plus. The more connections they make, the more money they redeem: it’s as simple as that!

Cashback isn’t the only benefit to joining a Cashback site and starting an online shopping community, however. Many retailers will offer special deals and rebates only to members of their partnered cashback site. That means that cashback clients are not only earning money while they shop, but they’re also saving money. It’s a win-win situation.

Join Today

The sooner you join a cashback site, the sooner you’ll start earning cashback. Setting up an account is free and will take you only a few seconds. Since many people still don’t know about cashback sites, many people have yet to join an online shopping community and reap all of its benefits! Join today and you can start saving money on all kinds of purchases, from groceries to cat litter, and from children’s toys to books and furniture!

Because cashback sites partner with different stores, it’s important to sign up with a site that offers you the most variety and the most selection so that you can shop for the majority of your online shopping needs via that cashback site. Make sure that the site you sign up with is partnered with stores you already frequently shop at; this will help you earn more cashback on purchases you make regularly anyway. Signing up with a cashback site that partners with a variety of leading and reputable stores will also increase your chances of finding members to join your community. When people realize how much money they can save – and make – by joining an online shopping community, they’ll be eager to join!

As increasing numbers of people of all ages and demographics shop online, online shopping is becoming easier, more convenient, and, as cashback sites indicate, more geared towards savings and value. Embrace the future: set up your own community of online shoppers! You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll appreciate all the savings and deals you have access to simply by being a member of a community commission program, and you’ll absolutely love getting all that money back!