3 Easy Ways to Create Hygge at Home

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Have you been reading this word recently and have no idea what this means? Hygge is, first of all, a Scandinavian term for wellbeing. Though many countries are showing higher levels of stress, Scandinavian are moving in the opposite direction – what puts them on the top of the happiest people on Earth list. A big part of this wellbeing is connected to their Hygge way of life.

If you try to translate it, you will probably find something like “coziness” or “togetherness”, but as long as this term has no literal translation, it’s pretty difficult to pinpoint the exactly meaning. Hygge is mostly the feeling of creating intimacy at any moment you’re living in.
You can hygge alone or around people, it just depends on you. Maybe tasting that good wine by yourself or surrounded by friends on a dinner table. You can even hygge your home and hygge your lifestyle.

With a better understanding of this term, even places can be described as hygge. Wanna know how? Below are 3 tips to make your place as hyggeligt (hygge-like) as possible:

1. Light some candles
It may look like a simple detail at first, but candles give a touch of peace and joy to the room, especially if they’re scented. The gentle candlelight makes your mind able to think deeper – while the scent makes you feel positive emotions (and it’s usually effective for a better sleep)!

2. Add Texture
Think about a warming and cozy place: soft textures add another dimension to any room, building a relaxing and peaceful environment. The best textures for a hygge house are chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws, and fluffy woolen rugs. Made from soft materials from merino wool to cashmere, these accessories are top-of-mind when it’s about interior design. Choosing the right colors – that bring the feeling of relaxation (no loud colors, ok?) – it’s possible to create a stylish look in any room and also get all the comfort you’ve been looking for.

3. Keep It Simple
Scandinavian design is usually very peaceful and doesn’t match the electric color scheme very well. As the main goal is to free the mind and cozy up, keep it simple. If you still don’t know which colors to pick, choose a light tone and stick to the monochromatic. Play with textures and shapes, maintaining a calm and cozy environment.

See? It’s super easy to create a hygge space – and better: on a budget! Check Lemoney stores and get deals on amazing products for a hygge new you!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Budget

Why is it important to use a budget? Isn’t it going to make you look like a control freak or a boring person? Actually, the outcome of being disciplined will amaze you! Take a look at these 5 reasons why you should use a budget:

1. Free your mind to think about other things

Planning on where your money will be used provides a structured way to think about your finances. You can be prepared for the bills yet to come with no surprises. It is obvious that budgeting will not keep you from facing emergencies, some happenings are not controllable. But being prepared for the upcoming expenses is something that we can control and is a great way to avoid “headaches”.

2. Shop without straining your conscience

What is great about preparing a budget is that you know exactly how much money you can spend. So when you go shopping you buy the things you want that fit on your budget and get back home without feeling guilty about it.

3. Makes it easier to reach goals

If you plan to save up for new furniture, paying off your house in “X” years, having children or saving for college…It gets way easier when you have a budget. Possibly you can achieve these goals without budgeting, but you get there faster when you are intentional with how you will use your money.

4. Helps you live debt free

If you have a debt, you can imagine how good it is to live debt free. Using a budget helps you control your finances and it can help you get rid of this situation or never get into it.

5. Allows you to help others

It is common sense that you enjoy life the most when you are living for more than just yourself. Sharing things and helping others brings a joy that it is hard t explain. Using a budget frees you to help people, be generous to others or even buying a round of drinks to your friends. And this is awesome!

These are small steps that can help you a lot. Start being intentional with your spending and saving! Great results will show up quickly.


Earth Day

You’ve probably heard something like “Earth Day, Every Day”, right? And for sure, it is. But on April 22nd, it’s celebrated the support for environment protection. And it’s a great opportunity for all of us to start taking action.

Why is this important?

First: Look around the place you’re right now. Wherever you are, believe me: chances are that it was an amazing forest. And the chances of you’re not seeing a natural plant close to you right now are even bigger.

Second: Close your eyes and try to remember all the things you ate in the past weeks. Which percentage of it was natural or Non-GMO? Ok, I know: chocolate comes from cocoa; cocoa is a bean; beans can count as natural stuff… Now seriously: can you see that? Your body was built to consume natural products – and more than a half of our meals are boxed and industrialized.

Third and last (but not least): Start paying attention – at least for one day – at the clothes you’re wearing, the quantity of paper you are using, the volume of waste you’re generating. Is all of this really necessary? Where do all of these products come from? How were they manufactured?

It’s Earth Day! Taking care of your home is also taking care of yourself, of people you love and the ones that are yet to be born. Make Earth Day, every day.

Malbec World Day: Origins

Malbec World Day is celebrated on April 17, to remember the day when the former president of Argentina Domingo Faustino Sarmiento officially made it his mission to make Argentina’s wine a world class industry. On that day, back in 1853, the task was to bring different kinds of grapes from France to be planted on the argentinian soil. A decade later, France underwent a plague that affected the many regions where grapes were cultivated. In the meantime, Malbec flourished in Argentina creating wines widely superior to those of its country of origin. Many years later, in 1956, France went through another bad moment: a freeze wiped out the majority of Malbec vineyards.
In the following years, specifically during the 90’s, Argentina was able to positioned Malbec as their star varietal. More than 10.000 acres were planted and it became the undeniable leader of the country’s exportations. Wine lovers around the world, especially in the United States, discovered and praised Argentine Malbec.

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7 Tips To Find Cash For Your Emergency Fund

Let’s be honest here: emergency happens when you least expect them. And if you’re not prepared – a.k.a. not having an emergency fund – things can get even worst. To avoid bad surprises, try these 7 steps below!

1- First things first

A good starter fund should be $1000. Usually emergencies spends tend to be higher than $1000, but you gotta start somewhere.
If you work on an unstable industry or if you are self-employed, having at least 6 months of expenses covered by the emergency fund would be a good call.

2- Avoid impulsive spending

Your emergency savings should be in an account that is not instantly accessible via an ATM . Keep this in mind: this is a an emergency fund – and not a spending account!

3- Keep funding the account

It is pretty hard to tell when you will need this money. But when the time arrives, you will be super thankful to have these savings. For that reason, keep funding your emergency account.

4- Eat breakfast at home

Prepare your breakfast and coffee at home. The money you were spending on AM drive thru can be a great extra for your fund.

5- Collect quarters and 1 dollar bills

Start to save every quarter and 1 dollar bill that you have in your wallet and pockets. You will be amazed how much you can collect building this habit.

6- Look for online coupons and cashback

You can find great coupons and deals online. This is another good habit to be built…start shopping online, rather than going to stores. This way, you can concentrate your purchases on things you actually need. Cash back websites organize coupons by store – and the money you earn with them can be put in your emergency fund. Another way of earning a few extra bucks is joining websites that offer community building rewards: refer friends and family and, every time they shop, you earn a commission that can also be used to fund your account.

7 – Sell things online

Clothes your family don’t use anymore, old video games, books and tv sets can be sold online. Items you don’t even remember about can be useful for other people – this means extra money on your emergency account!

I hope you never have to use your fund. But, can you imagine how bad it is when an emergency happens and you don’t have the money to handle it? Be prepared and you will never regret!

Savings Talk

Why do I have a landline?

If you take a few minutes to focus on this question, you’ll probably notice that it’s because you always had one.
This quick article will help you understand if you really need one – or if you’re just wasting money!

1. Cellphone vs. Landline

How many times did you use your landline in the previous month? If you use much more your cell phone for calls instead your landline, maybe it’s time to get rid of this bill.

2. Savings vs. Safety

Some people say they have the landline to use in case of emergency, for calling 911, for example. In this case, you should consider if you will have your cellphone (or some other emergency phone) at home – charged and easy to access – anytime. If so, ditching your landline is ok. But if you’re the kind of person who never know where your cellphone is or who is always running out of battery, maybe having a landline is worth the cost.

3. Less is More

Totally cliché, but usually true. You may be paying a considerably big amount of money for extra services you’ll never use. Take a look at how much you pay for caller ID, all waiting and other features. Don’t need them? Spring cleaning includes your landline billing!

See? It’s possible that you are wasting money without even noticing. Small cuts mean a lot in your budget in a month or year count.

And you? Do you think a landline is worth paying?

5 Ways to Save Some Cash on Children’s Clothing

1. Say Yes To Freebies

A good start is to say yes when free clothes are offered to you, even if you don’t know exactly if your children are going to use them. If someone from your family or even a friend with an older child wants to give you used clothes, you should accept it. Children grow fast and soon these clothes will fit your children perfectly.

2. Try To Find Good Deals on Online Department Stores

These kinds of stores often have great deals to offer. Shopping Kids’ clothing online can help you find coupons and you can also earn cash back 🙂

3. Asking for Clothes as Gifts is Not a Bad Idea

During Xmas and Birthday celebrations ask your family to gift your children with clothing and not toys. Kids usually prefer toys, but with some creativity, it won’t be hard to make them happy. Clothing with popular characters’ prints will make them excited after opening those gift boxes.

4. Exchanging clothes with Other Moms

An exchanging clothes event with other moms can be a really good way of getting great stuff for your Kids, and can also be an awesome excuse to have fun with moms of your kids` friends. You all can bring bags of clothing your children don’t need or want anymore and leave the event with “new” clothes.

5. Save clothing from your older children and pass it down

Don’t be worried if you think seasons won’t match up, it is always possible to pass clothes down from your older children to your younger one. Some items never get old fashioned such as pajamas, jeans, and t-shirts.

Clothing doesn’t have to be expensive. Make the right decisions and you will be able to save big while making your children look fantastic.

World Health Day

Think quick about three things that come to your mind when you read the word HEALTH.

Work out, eat clean, read, meditate, find balance and so on. I bet you thought about (at least) one of these. But I’m sure you didn’t even considered this one: depression. And this is exactly the theme of 2017 World Health Day.

Depression is a modern disease, identified as one in the early 80’s. It may happen to people of all ages, all nationalities and with different lifestyles. Though it’s not easy to diagnose and treat, some actions can be taken to prevent depression.

Engaging with art can help a lot. Thousands of people would love to be involved with some kind of art, but have no idea of how to start. Here are some quick tips to take the first steps to releasing the artist within you:

Play an Instrument

Besides all the fun, learning how to play an instrument helps to improve your memory, enhances your coordination, teaches you perseverance and promotes your social skills – among many other benefits! So don’t waste more time! Take a look at Guitar Center or Musician’s Friend, pick your favorite instrument and start to play!

Start Writing

Writing a romance, getting involved with the poetry world or just letting your imagination flow through a piece of paper. Whatever your reason is, just start. By trying to creative writing you develop critical thinking, improve vocabulary skills and promote creativity. We recommend a research about the theme first. Take a look at Barnes & Noble’s books and go get your Moleskine to start writting your best-seller 😉

Paint a Picture

Literally. A few brushes, ink and a canvas – or a piece of paper – and you’re ready to make your own art. No idea of what to paint? Why not starting with your house, a garden, your children or an object you appreciate? If you want to take a step forward, search about paiting techniques on AbeBooks and shop your material at Walmart! Then, use Art.com to frame your masterpiece!

Move Your Body

Taking care of your health is also about moving your body. And if there are lots of fun involved, it’s so much better!
So if you like to listen to some good music and dance: this one is for you. The benefits of dancing include weight management, stronger bones, better agility, coordination, flexibility and many other benefits! So grab your dancing outfit at Sweaty Betty, Macy’s or Forever 21 and create your own choreography!

National Crayon Day

It`s amazing to see how children get involved with art. Exploring paint, creating new images and mixing materials really catch the little ones attention.

But maybe you didn’t have the real notion of the benefits these “art attacks” mean to young children. So, let’s take the National Crayon Day as an opportunity to learn more about it. Check this out!

1. Growing Creative
Introducing new materials, colors and tools to children help them think about new possibilities. This way you encourage the development of creativity and let them expand their knowledge.

2. Growing Smart
Lots of cognitive skills are developed while kids are making their own art. By using different materials together – as glue, paints, markers, etc. – they’re planning, taking actions and getting results. While problem-solving, they’re also learning by mistake – and understanding cause and effect.

3. Growing Strong
Children develop fine motor coordination by training frequently. While painting with crayons, markers, and pencils, they are developing skills they’ll need to write in a close future.

See? It`s time to encourage your children to explore the artistic world! Check Crayola‘s items with great discount + cash back!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Lemoney!

You may know the history of St. Patrick – which tells he is not really Irish and ‘Patrick’ is not his real name.
However, to celebrate March 17, we decided to tell you 17 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day!

1.    St. Patrick Blues
St. Patrick wore blue instead of green! There are some theories of how the blue turned into green over the years. First of them is the Irish folklore tale of immortals and fairies wearing green and how green was thought to attract a good growing season for crops. Another theory is with the rise of nationalism; in which green was the unifying color. So, decide which color to wear this year on March 17 with special Bloomingdale’s deals.

2.    The leprechauns are Irish Fairies!
Leprechauns are known for making shoes, but if you can catch a Leprechaun he will grant you 3 wishes, just like a genius would do! Also, there are no female Leprechauns – though, Disney has lots of female fairies. You can catch Disney’s fairies and more (plus cash back!) by visiting our Disney Store at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/disneystore

3.    Clover vs. Shamrock
There is so much confusion involving these two flowers, so, first let’s distinct them. Although they are very similar, Shamrocks have only 3 leaves, and lucky Clovers have 4! St. Patrick used Shamrocks to explain The Holy Trinity. With 3, 4 or more leaves, flowers are always beautiful. Take this “lucky moment” to buy some flowers from1800flowers.com with big discounts and cash back!  http://www.lemoney.com/stores/1800flowers-com

4.    Shamrock is Not the National Symbol of Ireland
While we are on it, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with Shamrocks, which are not the national Irish symbol. In fact, the harp is! To celebrate the Irish party in the traditional way, you can find instruments and other music gear plus cash back at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/guitar-center

5.    Dyeing the Chicago River Green was an Accident
In the 1960s the city administration used a green dye to find out which buildings were sending waste into the river. Anywhere the river turned green, someone was dumping waste illegally. The general chairman of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade saw the dye and reportedly shouted, “Eureka!” He ordered the entire river colored green for the next parade, a feat accomplished by dumping 100 pounds of the dye into it. The color lasted an entire week. The tradition of dyeing the river green started! You can now watch the river turn green by renting a car from Avis at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/avis-rent-a-car and go on a road trip to Chicago and still get some cash back to pay for beers.

6.    Bonus Fact about the Chicago River
The dye that is used to make the river green is actually orange powder with a secret formula. However, when the dye blends in with the Chicago River it turns the water into a perfect tone of St. Patrick’s Day green.  If Chicago is not a road trip away, you can book a flight with CheapAir.com at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/cheapair-com and get even more cash back to celebrate!

7.    St. Patrick was Never Officially Canonized by Any Pope
The formal canonization process started around the 12th Century. Therefore, there wasn’t any formal process before St. Patrick died. Saint titles were bestowed to individuals that were exceptionally holy during their lifetimes. If you are interested in historical facts like this one, you should buy historical books from Barnes & Noble store at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/barnes-noble

8.    It was Really Hard to Get a St. Patrick Drink in Ireland
Until 1961, the Irish laws outlawed bars to be open on March 17, because it was in Lent season and not drinking was a mark of respect for this religious period. If you want to learn more about prohibition of alcohol, you can get cash back and check the rare books of Betterworld.com.

9.    Nobody Knows Where St. Patrick is Buried
Many people believe the saint is buried in Down Cathedral County, in Down, Ireland – although no one is really sure. Travel with Expedia at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/expedia-inc and find out where he is buried! Aside from the cash back you can become famous by solving this mystery!

10.    Drowning the Shamrock
It starts with floating a shamrock in your whiskey or beer before you drink it. Some say it is a tradition for the last drink of the evening. It is believed to bring good luck!  Experience this in Ireland with Air France deals at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/air-france-usa

11.    St. Patrick’s Snakes
One of the myths surrounding St. Patrick is that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland. By the way, there is not registry of the island dominated by snakes! Some sources say that snakes are a metaphor. Visit Ireland and get to the bottom of this story! You can earn cash back when you book your trip at Booking.com at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/booking-com.

12.    First St. Patrick’s Parade
The first parade didn’t take place in Ireland; it took place in New York in the 1762. So go celebrate St. Patrick’s in any parade you want by renting a car from Budget Rent A Car at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/budget-rent-a-car  and use the cash back for gas!

13.    JFK Forgot about St. Patrick’s Day
During his first 100 days, understandably very busy, President John F. Kennedy forgot about St. Patrick’s Day, and he was reminded with Ireland’s ambassador visiting him with a bowl of shamrock. Stay up to date by subscribing to newspapers via Discounted Newspapers at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/newspaper-subscriptions and use your cash back to buy a bowl of shamrock every year.

14.    Shortest Parade was 77 Feet long
The parade took place in Dripsey, Ireland, between two pubs, and it was considered one of the best parades ever! Create your own bar-hopping parade buy booking your reservations with Restaurants.com at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/restaurant-com and don’t forget to use some of your cash back to tip the waiter.

15.    Patty vs. Paddy
Patty is short for Patricia; Paddy is the correct short name for Patrick. Calling someone the wrong name could be embarrassing, but if you celebrate St. Patrick’s in Vegas and book your trip through Best of Vegas http://www.lemoney.com/stores/bestofvegas you can not only get cash back but also say “sorry…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”

16.    The Taoiseach’s bowl of Shamrock to the President is destroyed!
For security reasons, it is not allowed to give any floral or food gifts to the US President. Therefore, after the St. Patrick’s Day ceremony, all the shamrocks are destroyed by the US Secret Service. So, instead of destroying all your shamrocks you can order Irish spy movies through Alibris.com at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/alibris-books-music-movies and use your cash back to buy popcorn.

17.    There Are More Irish People in America than in Ireland
39.6 million Americans claim Irish heritage, which is 7 times larger than the actual Ireland Population. But 87% of Ireland’s population is Irish for sure! This, St. Patrick’s Day you can also feel a little Irish and go visit your imaginary Irish relatives in Ireland, all real cheap with CheapOAir.com at http://www.lemoney.com/stores/cheapoair  And guess what? You will get cash back with Lemoney to spend in Ireland!
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day shopping!
– John Lemon