Top 10 Best Ulta Coupons Deals and Cashback Offers 2019

Top 10 Best Ulta Coupons Deals and Cashback Offers 2019

There’s a reason why loyal customers love shopping at Ulta. The makeup and skincare products they feature are gentle on the skin and most of all, they make you look radiant. If you want to stock up on Ulta Beauty products before the year ends, there are plenty of ways to save.  In this post, you’ll find the best Ulta deals and cashback offers.


Buy More, Save More

At Ulta Beauty, you can save on your purchases by taking advantage of their buy one and get an x number of similar items for free promo. Sometimes, three items will be available for the price of 1, so you should definitely watch out for those.


These promo items are always listed on the site under the Buy More Save More category, so make sure to visit that area whenever you go to the online store.


Gifts With Purchase

If you want to try new products but don’t want to spend money on them yet, look for products that are included as a gift when you purchase certain items. You may get a free cream or another type of item by purchasing a face wash, for example. The same promo applies to other types of products.


When you navigate through the site, make sure to visit the special offers page and click on the Gifts With Purchase menu.



There is almost always a sale going on when you visit Ulta. Check out the sale category in the menu and you will find lots of marked down items. You can save on cosmetics, hair styling products, and even perfume.


Rewards Credit Cards

Customers who are looking for Ulta cashback should apply for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card. It’s a great way to save for items that you would buy anyway.


Get 20% off plus an additional 2 points for each dollar you spend when you use your Ulta credit card. It’s easy to apply and it also has a Mastercard logo so you can use it at other places as well. Ulta makes it easy to manage your rewards account. You can pay your bills online, check your balance, and update your information in the comfort of your home.


If you use your card and spend it outside of Ulta, you will also get additional rewards.  


As if that’s not enough, Ulta will give you 500 Welcome Bonus Points when you spend $500 in the first 90 days outside of Ulta.


Rewards Program

If you don’t want to apply for the credit card, you can still get rewards by shopping at Ulta through their Ultamate Rewards Program. You are not required to have an Ulta credit card to take advantage of this.


As a member, you will automatically get $3 off for every 100 points you earn. If you earn 250 points, you get an $8 discount. It goes on to bigger rewards as you earn more points. 1000 points will get you 50% off and 2000 points gets you $125 off.  These discounts are applicable to a variety of items.

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