13 Tips to Save on Black Friday 2018

13 Tips to Save on Black Friday 2018

We are almost in November: the best time to get discounts at our favorite stores.

There are so many amazing sales that it can be difficult to choose the best deals.  Here are 10 tips to save on Black Friday:

1.Follow your favorite stores on social media – Sign up for emails and follow your favorite stores on social media so you don’t miss out on a great deal.

2.Discounted gift cards – You can get some great discounts on gift cards at Raise.com and Cardpool.com. To get the best savings, get your gift cards in advance. In addition, you can get Raise.com and Cardpool.com gift cards with cashback.

3. Price Match – Many stores price match.  This means that even if you see the item being offered at a lower price elsewhere, you might still be able to get the same price at the store of your choice.  Check out the list with 13 stores with cashback that price match.

4. Make a list – Make a list of items that you want. This will make your life much easier as you will not be sidetracked with so many deals.

5. Shop for Christmas and Hanukkah – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect times to get Christmas and Hanukkah gifts at a discount.  Make a list in advance so you can take advantage of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

6. Budget – Make a list of everything you want and how much you are willing to spend on each item. This will help you stay within your budget.  After all, it’s easy to overspend when there are so many great deals.

7. Shop around – Shop around for the best deals. While it may be tempting to buy the first thing you see, it is worth shopping around for the best offers.  There are so many great sales during this time of year that it is worth looking around for the best deals.

8. Sign up for reward programs – Sign up for reward programs in advance to take advantage of perks and points.

9. Shop from home – If you’ve ever gone to the mall on Black Friday, you know how crazy it gets. Shop from the comfort of your home to skip the hassle of going to the store.

10. Shop early – Don’t wait until the last minute to take advantage of Black Friday deals. After all, there are limited quantities and sale items go out of stock quickly.

11. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday – There are some great Cyber Monday discounts on electronics, travel, and more!

12. Shop with coupons and cashback – Don’t forget to combine coupons with cashback to get the best deals.

13. Shop at the right place – There are so many great deals that you may not know where to shop. Shop at specific stores and focus all of your purchases on those retailers.  Expect amazing discounts at the following stores:

  • Clothes
    • Macy’s
    • JC Penney
    • Forever 21
    • Eddie Bauer
  • Electronics
    • Best Buy
    • Newegg
  • Beauty
    • Sephora
    • Ulta
  • Home & Garden
    • The Home Depot
    • Lowe’s
    • Walmart
  • Travel
    • Choice Hotels
    • Travelocity
    • Hotels.com
  • Sports & Outdoors
    • Under Armour
    • Nike
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