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Do you want to make some extra money this month?  In this post, I’m going to tell you what you can do to earn $100.

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Terms and conditions:

  • Lemoney members need to invite 5 friends to sign up and make a purchase (over $25) by 28/02/2018 to earn U$100.
  • Members get a 10% code on any transaction of his choice for each friend who makes a purchase (shopping click returned).
  • Each friend gets a 10% cashback code on any purchase of his choice.
  • The code is applied up to U$100.  If the amount exceeds U$100, the remaining balance is subject to the store’s cashback rate.


  • Premium members are those who joined Lemoney and made a purchase by 28/02/2018.
  • The $100 will be applied after four months of the confirmed purchase of the 5th premium member.     Lemoney reserves the right to withhold the $100 for any suspicious activity, including but not limited to fraud or error.
  • The 10% code will only be sent four months after the premium member’s purchase is confirmed.
  • The 10% code will be pending until the four-month period has expired and the purchase is confirmed.

8 Deals for Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas for Him Under $100 with Cash Back – 2018 Edition

You may know him really well, but finding a gift for your boyfriend/husband isn’t always easy.  Whether he is a bookworm, a tech lover, a sports fan, or a gamer, we got the right gift for your man!  We picked unique gifts with the best deals on the market!  You’ll win wife/girlfriend of the year!  Stay tuned:

Jack Black Gift Set – Clean and Cool Body Basics – $54 at Sephora

1. Jack Black Gift Set – Clean and Cool Body Basics – Every guy needs a grooming kit.  Our pick is Jack Black, one of the best grooming brands for men.  This gift set includes a travel bag, sponge, wash, deodorant, and lotion.  The products are formulated without parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.  It’s good for any skin type, so you don’t have to worry!

Men’s Los Angeles Lakers Nike Black City Edition Alt Hem Performance T-Shirt – $39.99 at the NBA Store
Men’s Chicago Bulls New Era Khaki 9TWENTY Adjustable Hat – $22.99 at the NBA Store

2.  NBA Sports Gear – If your significant other is a sports fan, pick something from the NBA store .  You’ll know you’ve made the right choice because he’ll wear this religiously.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme – $68 at Sephora

3.  Cologne – Who doesn’t love cologne?  Our pick is Allure’s Best of Beauty and Reader’s Choice award Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme . He’ll think of you every time he uses it.

Men’s OutDry™ Hybrid Jacket – $99 at Colombia

4. Whether he is a hunter, golfer, hiker, fisher, skier, or love any outdoors activity, Columbia has the right gift for you!  He’ll be ready to travel to the lake or mountains with you!

$11.37 Hardcover at Barnes and Noble

5. Book – If he’s a bookworm, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.  Though this does not stand out as a “romantic” gift, the choice of a book is thoughtful as it relates to his interests.  Our pick is a #1 New York Times Bestseller: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Overview: “What is the nature of space and time? How do we fit within the universe? How does the universe fit within us? There’s no better guide through these mind-expanding questions than acclaimed astrophysicist and best-selling author Neil deGrasse Tyson.But today, few of us have time to contemplate the cosmos. So Tyson brings the universe down to Earth succinctly and clearly, with sparkling wit, in tasty chapters consumable anytime and anywhere in your busy day.While you wait for your morning coffee to brew, for the bus, the train, or a plane to arrive, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry will reveal just what you need to be fluent and ready for the next cosmic headlines: from the Big Bang to black holes, from quarks to quantum mechanics, and from the search for planets to the search for life in the universe.”

The Art of Shaving – The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Carry-On Unscented – $60 at Sephora

6. Shave kit – This travel-friendly shave kit comes with a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, and shave balm.

Beats by Dr. Dre – Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Powerbeats³ Wireless – Black – $79.99 at Best Buy

7. Headphones – If he loves music, this is the perfect gift for him!

8.  Alternatively, take him to see his favorite band!  It’ll be even more special because you’ll go with him.  Look for concerts and events at Groupon.

What is your pick?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • If you get your gifts at Sephora and shop through Lemoney, you get 15% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $100 + 2.5% Cashback* after $100).  Receive a Free Trial Size Product with Any $25 Purchase.  While Supplies Last!


  • Take advantage of 30% Off Fall Styles at (limited time deal)!  In addition, you get 12% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $210 + 4.0% Cashback* after $210) when you shop at the Columbia store through Lemoney.


  • You get 8% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $420 + 3.0% Cashback* after $420) when you shop at the NBA Store through Lemoney.


  • You get 13% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $120 + 5% Cashback* after $120) when you shop at Groupon through Lemoney.


  • You get 5% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $180 + 0.5% Cashback* after $180) when you shop at Best Buy through Lemoney.  Save Up to $200 on Select Macbooks!


  • You get 10% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $170 + 4% Cashback* after $170) when you shop at Barnes and Noble through Lemoney.


*Terms and conditions apply.  Prices, gifts with purchase, and cash back percentages are subject to change.

15 Quick and Easy Party Menu Ideas for Game Day 2018

It’s that time of the year!  The big game is just around the corner and if you are planning a party, you must get these trophy-worthy party snacks.  These recipes are as easy as pie, so you’ll have the best experience yet!

1. Tacos – Mexican food is always a good idea!  Tacos are delicious and are very easy to make.  All you need are taco shells, tomatoes, sauce, cheese, jalapeños, onions, chili powder, cilantro leaves, olives (optional), and other ingredients of your choice.  The ingredients can be displayed and guests can serve themselves.  Alternatively you can get some chips with guacamole or salsa.  For drinks, you can make margaritas.  It will be the toast of the town!  Get the recipe here.

2.Sliders – You can get really creative with this one.  In addition to the patties and brioche buns, you’ll need cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and ketchup.  If you want to get fancy, make it gourmet with artichokes and replace the patties with fish.  Complement this dish with chili fries.  It’s seriously addictive.  You can find these ingredients at Walmart.  Get the recipe here.

3. Pizza –  Who doesn’t love pizza?  Whether you prefer deep dish or thin crust, you’ll score big points with this one.  You can get this at the frozen aisle, or make it at home with your favorite toppings.  Get the link here.

4. Cheese platter – If you’re a cheese lover, you can’t go wrong with this one.  (our favorite flavors are swiss, cheddar, brie, and gouda.  Hickory Farms has a great selection of meat and cheese.  They also explain how to pair cheese with pears, and offer prosecco and cocktail recipes on their website.

5. Sandwich – There are endless options available for this one.  Here are a few: Vietnamese, falafel, pulled pork, veggie, cucumber, bbq pork, grilled cheese, turkey with cranberry sauce, roasted pork loin, ham and cheese, tex mex, cuban, philly cheesesteak, tuna melt, gyros, eggplant.  You are the chef, so have fun!  Get the recipe here.

6.Sushi – If you love sushi, this might be a great option! You can get this at most supermarkets in town.  Get the recipe here.

7. Tomato salad – If you want a healthier option, make some tomato salad.  You will need tomatoes, olive oil, onions, black pepper, buffalo cheese, basil, and oregano.  It’s a dish fit for the gods.  Get the link here.

8. Avocado toast – Another healthy option.  This one is simple but divine.  All you need is toast, avocados, and boiled eggs.  Get some sesame seeds and black pepper to add some flavor.  Get the recipe here.

9. Popcorn –  This needs no explanation.  This stress-free menu idea is so easy to make you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

10. Peanuts – This is a must have.  Not only are they good for you, they are rich in protein and other nutrients.  They are a crowd-pleaser!

11. Salmon and crackers – this can be served as an entrée or as a snack.  All you need is cream cheese, salmon, and crackers.  Alternatively, you can get some crackers with cheese (brie would be a great option).

12. Dessert – Foodstirs has some amazing recipes for brownie heart sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, s’more cookie bars, berry brownie kabob, chocolate chippy samoa cookies, blueberry glazed lavender donuts, blackberry cheesecake brownies, cookie stuffed chocolate hazelnut brownies, caramel chocolate chippy skillet cookie, and more!  Foodstirs has a B.I.Y (bake it yourself) subscription service that comes with all the supplies (baking kits and mixes) that you need to make the most delicious desserts.  Get the recipe here.

13. Chocolate – Godiva and Ghirardelli’s chocolates are to die for!

14. Fruit salad – This is another healthy option.  We recommend mixing some berries and powdered sugar in a bowl.  You can also get other fruits that are in season: apple, banana, pear, and pineapple.  Simple and easy.

15. Order takeout –  If you are not able to make something at home get takeout. has options all over the country!

Now that we’ve spilled the beans on our favorite game day menu ideas, let us know in the comments below your favorite recipes.

Get Cashback at Walmart, Hickory Farms, and – 32% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $30 + 12.5% Cashback* after $30)

Hickory Farms – 13% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $140 + 3.5% Cashback after $140)

Walmart – 8% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $120 amount  + 2% Cashback* after $120).

7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her Under $100 with Cash Back – 2018 Edition

It’s the most romantic time of the year! Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  Have you picked a gift for your significant other yet? Not sure what to get?  Don’ t worry!  We made a list of the best deals so you don’t have to stress.  The best part?  You get cashback on all of these items when you shop at Lemoney.


16oz Insulated Travel Mug – $19.99 at Cafe Press

1.  Make it personal!  At Cafe Press you can personalize pretty much anything, making it even more special.  You can add a personal touch to clothes, mugs, and more!  This is a cheap and thoughtful option.  Save 15% orders from Cafe Press, excluding shipping charges, gift wrap charges, taxes, and customs duties.  Get 17.% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $106 + 2.5% Cashback* after $106) at Cafe Press.  Get the coupon code here.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb – $85 for 1 oz at Sephora

2. Who doesn’t love perfume?  We recommend bestseller Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.  This fragrance is warm & spicy, and the bottle was inspired by a theatrical scene with a pink diamond.  She won’t be disappointed!  Click here to get 15% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $100 + 2.5% Cashback* after $100) at Sephora.

3. Treat her to a trip or a  night out at her favorite restaurant!  Groupon has a great selection of deals at local restaurants, health and fitness centers, getaways, and more!  Get 13% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $120 + 5% Cashback* after $120) on local deals.

Polaroid Digital Camera – $99 at Best Buy

4. Make it memorable!  This one is perfect for all ages!  This Polaroid digital camera is perfect for the modern woman.  Your wife/girlfriend will love this Polaroid – Snap 10.0 – Megapixel Digital Camera from Best Buy.  Get 5% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $180 + 0.25% Cashback* after $180) with this link.

Milk and Honey – $8.99 Paperback at Barnes and Noble

5. If she’s a bookworm and loves poetry, get her something from Barnes and Noble.  This is the most affordable option.  We recommend Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.  This #1 New York Times bestseller is divided into four chapters and focuses on stories about love, loss, and survival.  Get 10% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $170 + 2% Cashback* after $180) with this link.

Diamond Infinity Heart Pendant Necklace – $100 at Macy’s

6. If you want something more romantic, choose a delicate necklace or earrings.  Jewelry is a great gift idea for any woman. She’ll love this 18″ Diamond Infinity Heart Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver (1/10 ct. t.w.) from Macy’s!  Get 10% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $120 + 1.5% Cashback* after $120) with this link.

7. You can’t go wrong with flowers!  Get gorgeous flower arrangements from local florists.  Get 10% Turbo Cashback from Teleflora (applied up to $420 amount + 4% Cashback* after $420) with this link.


Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty – $65 at Sephora

8. If your wife/girlfriend is a makeup lover, get her an eye palette from Sephora!  We recommend bestseller Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty.  Click here to get 15% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $100 + 2.5% Cashback* after $100) at Sephora.

* Terms and exclusions apply

Get your items early to take advantage of these deals before they expire!
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9 Financial Goals for 2018 (money resolutions you can actually achieve!)


It’s the beginning of a new year!  What are your resolutions for 2018?  Whether you are planning on traveling to a new country, buying a house, or experiencing new adventures you need to plan ahead.  If you want to start the new year on the best terms, make financial decisions to help you achieve your goals.  Yes, we know it’s not that easy.  That’s why we’ve gathered the most realistic money tips so that you can have the best year yet!

1. List your goals – Listing your goals is the first step to make better financial decisions.  Once you do this, you can start focusing on the things that you’re working towards.

2. Put money aside for emergencies – Unexpected financial emergencies are overwhelming.  However, an emergency account is important for unpredictable events such as unemployment and or other hardships.

3. Make a budget (and stick to it) – A budget is important to control your finances.  Start by calculating your monthly income and listing your expenses.  After subtracting your income from expenses, you will know your discretionary income. The last step it to set financial goals and monitor your expenses.

4. Take advantage of free money – If you have to make a purchase, at least earn cashback.  You can earn cashback on a variety of items such as travel, clothes, books, electronics, foodeventsbeauty, and more!  Lemoney has over 1,700+ stores and it’s 100% free.  Also, you earn rewards when your friends shop too.  Sign up here.

5. Save for your goals –  Saving $50 per month means you’ll have $600 left at the end of the year.  Figure out what your goals are so you will be able to afford them.

6. Contribute to a 401(k) – Start thinking about retirement.  Contributing to a 401(k) is a great investment for your future.  The best part?  It reduces your taxable income.  Learn more on our blog post: 10 Tips to Reduce Your Tax Bill.

7. Get creative – In this day and age there are various ways of making extra income.  Think out of the box and figure out other streams of income such as freelancing and odd jobs.  You can also sell things online, become a dog sitter, and more.

8. Periodically check your credit score – Your credit score determines if you’re a risky borrower.  Your score may affect you if you’re interested in buying a house, applying for a loan, purchasing a car, or becoming an entrepreneur and opening your business.  In addition, this score may be important for a future employer or landlord, or cell phone utility company.

9. Pay off debt – Although this can feel overwhelming, it is feasible.  Make a plan to figure out how much you can afford and start by paying off the balance with the highest interest rates.  Even small payments can make a difference.

Small habit adjustments can make a significant difference in your financial life.  Plan ahead so you can achieve all your new year resolutions!

If you want to learn more about personal finance and investing we recommend the following books:




Get these books with cashback from Lemoney at Barnes & Noble.

10 Tips to Reduce Your Tax Bill (that you probably didn’t know)

Tax season can feel overwhelming since it directly affects your income.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Although everybody has to pay taxes, there are legal recommendations so you don’t have to pay more than you owe.  We’ve gathered the best accounting advice so you can file your taxes like a pro!

1. Include work-related expenses – professional expenses may be deducted from your taxes (make sure to keep a receipt).  Some items that could be deducted are equipment and professional dues not covered by your employer.  For more information consult with an accountant and take advantage of companies such as Turbo Tax.  Alternatively, visit and consult the list of deductions and credits.    

2. Donate to charity – your donations are deductible.  This includes cash as well as food, clothes, real estate, mileage, electronics, and other items.  The deduction amount can be calculated on sites such as Turbo Tax.  All you have to do is ask the organization to give you a receipt.  You can also deduct your out-of-pocket expenses for your work as a volunteer, such as gas.  Be aware of the restrictions, though.  The non-profit is eligible if they can prove 501(c)(3) status.  This information can be found on the organization’s website.

3. Give a gift to your loved ones – in addition to donating to charity you can also deduct gifts up to $13,000.

4. Change your W-4 tax form – the W-4 is a form given to your employer and can generally be changed at any time.  The form determines the amount that is withheld from your paycheck and it depends on your claim exemptions.  The amount withheld is applied towards your personal income taxes.  If you prefer to maximize your refund, consider reducing the exemptions you claim on your IRS tax form W-4.

5. If you’re married consider filing your taxes separately – you may reduce your tax bill  significantly if you and your spouse file separate tax returns.  Your filing status is an important factor that determines your refund.  Some of the categories are single, head of household, married (filing separately or jointly).  In most cases, it makes more sense financially for married couples to file taxes jointly.  However, this is not true for everybody.  Some couples will get a larger tax refund if they file separately.  Consult with a professional if you are not sure what is best for you.

6. Become an entrepreneur – business owners can declare certain costs as company’s expenses, which may reduce their tax bill as a result.  There are many factors that are taken into consideration, so consult with a professional if you think this may be an option for you.

7. Don’t forget your kids (and parents) – there are a number of ways you can deduct dependent care expenses.  Examples include the child tax credit and healthcare expenses.  Consult with a professional to learn more.

8. Invest in your children’s future – creating a 529 college savings account for your children is a great investment option.  As long as you apply this money towards higher education, you can benefit from a tax-free investment.  Find your state’s deadline and policies to explore if this is an option for you.  Another option is a retirement investment account.

9. Contribute to an IRA – this is a great option because you reduce your tax obligation while investing in your future.  Contributions to individual retirement accounts are recommended in many cases.  However, keep in mind that there is a deadline and a limit based on how much you make.

10. Get professional assistance – prepare your taxes with the assistance of a tax service such as Turbo Tax, Tax Act, H&R Block, and Liberty Tax.

  • Turbo Tax is a user-friendly software service to file your taxes online.  This is one of the easiest ways to file your taxes.  Turbo Tax identifies over 350 tax deductions so you can get the biggest refund possible.  In addition, every detail in your tax file is reviewed so that it is 100% accurate and you will not have to pay any penalties.  They also offer other products such as a credit score check and a live assistance with a CPA or EA.  Other tax services that we recommend are Liberty Tax Service, H&R Block, and Tax Act.

If you decide to use one of the recommended services listed above, make sure to get cashback with  Lemoney offers the best rates on the market.  The best part is that you earn rewards when you invite your friends. All you have to do is become a member and click on the following links: Turbo Tax, Liberty Tax Service, H&R Block, and Tax Act.

Some of us may disagree on how much money should be allocated to each expense, but who doesn’t like to save money?  Consult with a professional to ensure the best options for you.

Many people miss deductions every year.  Don’t be that person.

Earn Hundreds of Dollars With Lemoney’s New Feature (Step by Step Guide)

I think you will relate with me when I say that I always miss coupons and great deals when I shop online.  It’s always a hassle to go after discounts, but it’s even worse when you spend more money than you should.

Or is it?

In today’s post I will show you how to automatically get discounts without including codes or doing any work!  It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Step By Step Guide

1. All you have to do is sign up to become a member on Lemoney.  You can earn cash back from Lemoney’s 1,700+ affiliate stores such as Walmart, Macy’s, and many more!

2. Download Chrome’s browser extension.  It’s easy and free!  Now all you have to do is activate the feature.

3. Voilà! Receive cash in your account when you shop at your favorite stores!  After you install this easy-to-use feature you will get notifications whenever you are on a website that offers cash back through Lemoney.

Why You Should Do It

The real questions is: why shouldn’t you do it? Save time and money on products with great deals from your favorite websites, without having to go to first!

Sounds great, right?

Note: Even if you don’t have chrome you can still save money on great deals on Lemoney!

 How Lemoney Works

Lemoney is a cashback rewards program with the best deals from your favorite stores.

That’s not all…

You get money when your friends shop too!

How it works:

1. Earn cash back: Earn cash back + C-Bonus* from the things you would buy anyway.

*C Bonus is awarded on purchases of $25 or more.

2. Build a community: Invite friends and earn commissions every time they shop.

3. Boost your revenue: Multiply your commissions with C-bonus with up to 5x per month.


What are you waiting for?  Don’t miss out on free money!  Join Lemoney, download the extension, and start earning cash today!

6 Luxury Items with Cash Back to #treatyourself (you’ll love the second one)

Here’s the deal:

January 8th is Bubble Bath Day and we are celebrating with deals from our favorite beauty stores such as Sephora , Macy’s, and more!

If you are anything like us, you are addicted to everything spa-related.  Whether you need to de-stress from work or school, you deserve a relaxing night at home.  A much-needed spa night with candles, bubble baths, and face treatments is just what the doctor ordered.

We got you coverered!

In this post we will show you 6 luxury items that you can get for up to 15% Turbo Cashback.

Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath – $45

This honey-scented shower gel will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  It smells like dessert and is infused with notes of warm caramel, spun sugar, and French vanilla bean.

Deal: Macy’s Purchase – 10.0% Turbo Cashback (applied to up to $120 + 1.5% Cashback* after $120)

L’occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil With Almond Oil – $25

Deal: Sephora Purchase – 15% Turbo Cashback (applied to up to $100 amount + 2.5% Cashback* after $100)

If you like the smell of almonds, you’re going to love this shower oil.  It leaves your skin smooth and fresh.  The scent is so delightful you won’t need perfume.

Illume Grey Lavender Collectiv Jar Candle – $14

This is for all the candle lovers out there!  The relaxing smell of lavender is perfect to de-stress while you enjoy a spa day at home.

Deal: Macy’s Purchase – 10.0% Turbo Cashback (applied to up to $120 + 1.5% Cashback* after $120)

Candy Cane Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath – $18

If you are addicted to bath products, this one’s for you.  This is a  luxurious cleanser with a sweet scent that smells like peppermint.

Deal: Philosophy Purchase – 14% Turbo Cashback (Applied up to $110 amount + 2.5 Cashback* after $110)

Limited Edition Beauty Elixir – $49

Inspired by the queen of Hungary, this decadent beauty elixir tightens pores, sets makeup, and wipes away fine lines.  Boost your radiance with this holy grail product approved by celebrities and make-up artists.  The limited edition version comes in a gold bottle to celebrate 20 years of the iconic beauty elixir.

Deal: Caudalie Purchase – 12.0% Turbo Cashback (applied up to $210 amount + 4.0% Cashback* after $210)

We saved the best for last!

Treat yourself! Take time out and enjoy a relaxing massage with Spa Week!  Spa Week offers a variety of treatments such as facials, massages, and many more.

Deal: Spa Week – 11% Turbo Cashback + 5.0% Cashback*

*Terms and conditions apply


Don’t wait!  These offers are available for a limited time only.  We have already picked our items.  Will you?
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The Smartest Ideas to Shop on Black Friday

Is that time of the year again. Can you fell it?
Brace yourselves: Black Friday is coming.

The most expected time of the year to shop is November 24th, but we are already counting down the minutes – and saving money to get the best deals!

With all the buzz, there’s always the question: Is Black Friday worth for shopping? What should you buy and what should you avoid?

Black Friday last year was one of the most intense shopping seasons ever, with over $5 billion spent online over the weekend. For that reason, retailers are anticipating the date and giving discounts right at the beginning of the month.

You will definitely find some great deals on electronics, like video games such as PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X, LCD HDTV, laptops and more. Probably, stores will give limited discounts on most-wanted products, like Nintendo Switch or the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. But if these are the ones you want to shop with lower prices, it’ll be better to wait a little until the buzz around these products slows down – or until Cyber Monday.

We expect to see some hot deals on Personal Assistants, like Google Home and Amazon Echo. So, if you’re wondering how it is to ask a machine about the nearest pizza place or to tell you a joke, well, that’s your chance!

Other electronics that may pop up (with prices down) include Google’s Nexus 9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 and Ipad Mini 4.

You may also find great prices on other cell phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2. And, all the older models (by older we mean the ones released last year or the year before that) of all brands will be on sale at amazing prices.

Besides electronics, Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy toys, home appliances, apparel, makeup, books and much more, which are perfect for anticipating gifts for Christmas!

What are you looking for this year? Do you think buying on Black Friday is a good idea? Leave your thoughts in our comments!

Hot Deals Of The Week With Cashback

Looking for the best deals on e-commerce? Search no more! Every Friday, you will get here at our blog the best coupons and deals to improve your shopping at Lemoney!

It’s November, the beginning of the official shopping month! Time to get ready for the Holidays with discounts and cash back!

Just click on your favorite brand and check what we’ve got just for you.

Take a look and happy savings!



Get everything on beauty with 18% cash back on Turbo Cashback!

Our favorite coupons:

♥ Choose a Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Full Coverage Matte Foundation Deluxe Sample with Any $35 Purchase! Use Code: YSLUXE (Exp: 11/12/2017)

♥ Receive a Free Kat Von D Lock-it Concealer Crème Deluxe Sample with Any $25 purchase! Use Code: EYELOCK! (Exp: 11/16/2017)

♥ Receive a Free Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essence Deluxe Sample with Any $25 Purchase! Use Code: VINTAGE! ( Exp: 11/21/2017)


Improve your home with 11% Turbo Cashback at Home Depot!

To help you, here are some great coupons:

♥ Up to 20% off Wall Decor at The Home Depot! (Exp: 11/20/2017)

♥ Up to 30% off Curtains and Drapes at The Home Depot! (Exp: 11/22/2017)

♥ Save $200 Samsung Black Stainless Kitchen Suite at The Home Depot! (Exp: 11/29/2017)

Shop from one of the biggest retailers with 10% cashback!

Take a look what we’ve separated for you:

♥ Target Baby + Spend $35, Get Free Shipping

♥ Spend $35 Get Free Shipping on Select Home Items

♥ Target Electronics + Spend $35, Get Free Shipping


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